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My New Mantra

by Lianne Castelino I never know what will move me to write a blog.  The inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.  And it's amazing how much of this random inspiration relates to parenting, anyhow! ...more

The Credit Challenge in Parenting

by Lianne Castelino Seeking credit limits one's potential for greatness.  There I said it.  Now let us discuss. Over the years, I have been often awestruck at the lengths people will go to --- to seek, solicit, garner, confirm, take and get credit for things they have done. ...more

Keeping the Faith by Lianne Castelino I was thinking in the shower this morning --- as I often find this the best place to reflect --- about the fascinating process that will have millions on the edge of their seats over the next who knows how long? ...more

Yahoo CEO's decisions highlight broader parenting question By Lianne Castelino So Yahoo Inc.'s CEO Marissa Mayer is in the line of fire again.  First fingers pointed, tempers flared and accusations swirled around the youngest person to run a Fortune 500 company last September, when she became a mom and only took two weeks maternity leave.  She had her reasons. Who is anyone else to judge?   ...more

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The Case for Patience by Lianne Castelino There are no shortage of disturbing stories in the news on any given day.  Some more so than others.  This is one of them. ...more

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An Inconvenient Truth by Lianne Castelino, I feel relieved.  Thanks for asking. Yesterday I met someone who said they had the same issue.  Also a mom, also a creative-type, also an entrepeneur. It started for her at the same age.  She is also wondering how and why.  But unlike myself, she is taking steps to try and reverse it. ...more