Minor case of Hoarding

Ever since I can remember I've been collecting things and saving stuff 'for later'. It runs in the family. My grandfather has been an informed collector. His postage stamp albums were ordered according to printing dates, value or country of origin. His numismatics boxes were full of coins arranged with labels and individual separators and he used to read special books so that he could estimate the real value of his belongings, so that he may be aware of the history behind those metal pieces....more
I've collected over the years but as I've gotten older I find that I'm getting rid items more ...more

Meditation by comparison

Paper towel rolls. The moment I open up the plastic foil that keeps the two or three rolls together, I feel happy. As if I was allowed to witness a beginning. A deflowering of sorts. I am granted the favour of being the one to decide when to tear the package open, when to set the twin rolls apart. I am like an all-powerful being who decides the fate and the life length of the paper towel rolls....more