Breaking up with vanity

I suppose that vanity has been my friend since childhood. I don't necessarily remember the start of our relationship, but I'm told countless stories about how, in spite of my crippling shyness, I would visit my neighbors in Puerto Rico in whatever new dress or outfit I had at the moment, simply to tell them "Me veo bonita" (I look pretty), a statement, not a question....more

A Love Letter to My Body

I sat in the semi-crowded train a few days ago, oblivious to the people around me, trying to send a text before we went underground. Text message sent, still above ground, I  looked up and realized that people were staring in my direction. I looked down, and I saw my cleavage. Feeling a bit of discomfort at the thought that they may be staring at me because of it, I pulled my blouse up to ensure that I was fully covered. I looked up again, everyone was still staring in my direction, but not at me at all....more
@jenlbosse It's sadly a long struggle. I have to say that getting older has helped. :)more