How I met my husband, sort of

Apparently this is the week of Will, or the week where you have to hear about my husband way too much. I met him, back in NorCal (or is that Central Cal?) while I was working at the County Hospital. I worked in environmental services (aka cleans the hospital toilets), a job I would not have gotten if it weren't for BFF and her neighbor Susan hooking me up. I was pretty much broke before the job. I had been fired from my job at S~Mart foods, a central California grocery store chain and was currently collecting half unemployment/ half welfare. I was preggo when they fired me. ...more

Sappy stuff aside....

A couple of weeks ago Will came home and wanted to watch EliteXC. It's like UFC, if ya didn't know (which I did not). UFC? Ultimate Fighting? You know, two guys in a cage beating the crap out of each other.He wanted to see some hyped up fight with Kimbo which of course would be at the end, so he had to watch like 3 other fights first. ...more

Thigh chub equals thigh rub

Last night I went to the new shiny 24 hr fitness sport gym. My husband convinced me to go with him, even though I usually go to the old 24hr fitness. It's not really old, it's just older and doesn't have a pool. Or a line for the treadmill. ...more

Not the career I had in mind

All this time while imagining massages, catered meetings and dinners at Sushi Roku, a new job snuck up on me while I least expected it. It wasn't exactly the position I had in mind...When I had Katie, Elisabeth was 4 and I had an image of parenthood. Elisabeth was a quiet, shy and intelligent girl. She like to cuddle with me and have stories read to her. When she met new people she was hesitant about conversations. She followed all of the rules I gave her. Katie was nothing like her. ...more

...another one of those Block Rockin Beats

I was always the good girl growing up. The just say no girl. In high school I never took drugs or drank. If anyone mentioned it to me, they were sure to get a lecture about how dangerous it was. Sometimes I think I was the only person not trying drugs in high school. But then again I was too busy getting myself knocked up by the LOVE OF MY LIFE (so I thought), I didn't know anyone was taking them. It wasn't until senior year, post-baby, my friends were talking about raves and acid and crank. And I was like What?!? ...more

Into the Great Wide Open

When I first moved to Southern California, I was working at a coffee shop down the street from our apartment. Will and I weren't married yet and he worked nights in the ER. I had started going to school at Pasadena City college and worked at the coffee shop from 5am to 12. I liked working there. I liked making espresso drinks and meeting all kinds of people. I met half of the city there (the other half got their coffee at Starbucks). It was one of those independently owned coffee shops with vintage coke pictures on the wall and mismatch furniture. ...more

Let's Talk About Ex

Last night I decided to watch some of my TiVo'd episodes of Oprah. My stomach was bulging like I was pregnant from the food we had just stuffed ourselves with at Claim Jumper's. We were eating out on the eve before my oldest leaves for Washington D.C. I was sending the girls to bed as I started the Oprah show about sleep disorders. And Oprah said...."sleep walking, sleep eating, and Who's doing that?" Katie looked back and said incredulously "sleep ex, that's crazy?" ...more

Glenda and Elphaba Do Lunch

Every once in a while, you are at a party or out with friends and someone asks you, what is your most embarrassing moment. My thoughts don’t go back to times I have tripped over my own size ten feet, and I don’t think of the time my teacher read a note I wrote (about a boy I liked) in the middle of eighth grade science. No, I have a far more humiliating moment (because embarrassing doesn’t actually sum it up). And of course this involves me being a stepmother. ...more

Totally loved this and you are a better woman than I. Seriously.

BlogHer ...more

Here is my soapbox: a message on Universal Healthcare

When my husband changed his job, we knew we were going to end up using COBRA health insurance until his 90 days at the new job. So we thought maybe we'd save some money with a private insurance instead of COBRA. After applying for Blue Cross PPO it seemed to be taking forever. January was almost over and we hadn't heard back. There's no way we wanted to start Feb with no coverage. We received the COBRA paperwork and I changed jobs. It seemed we could use my new job's insurance and save money starting in April. ...more

Keeping her from drugs and boys...

Not that I am worried. My daughter is so squeaky clean that some days I am grateful and other days I am waiting for they payback-is-a-bitch part of parenting. You know where it turns out your kids is just like you and gets knocked up in high school and you see how much it sucks to be on the other end, if being the one knocked up didn't suck enough. But as Kristin has always told me, I tend to worry too much. And according to Dr Oz and Oprah that's going to shave years off of my life. ...more