On Food and Community

Our Thanksgiving table, 2012 ...more

My babies.

My baby turned one last month ....more

Today Jason made

 Today Jason made his weekly pilgrimage to the Barnes & Noble cafe to work on his National Board certification in peace. A snowy day and an inspiring post by Jamie reminded me that intentional mothering might as well start with a snowy day at home.While the kids played in the kitchen, I made myself a cup of tea, kneaded a batch of whole wheat bread dough, and set it out to rise....more

Butter Cake

After the holidays, I’m always in the mood for lighter desserts. I have convinced myself that it’s time for spring foods, even though it’s still January and bitterly cold. I tried this butter cake from Love Soup about a month ago and it was so good that yesterday I made it again. It’s the perfect recipe to have in your repertoire: simple, delicious, and quick ....more

Making my own peace

Jason was working late, on the heels of a restless night and an unusually busy morning. By mid-afternoon, I was exhausted. I set Simone up on the couch with a blanket and turned on the television. I wrapped James onto my back, paced until he fell asleep, and stood at the counter making a list of the month’s dye orders ....more

I feel things too deeply.

There is so much sadness in the world that sometimes I feel swallowed by it. How can I live my daily life—putting on the kettle for tea, scrounging in my wallet for change to pay my library fines, helping my daughter put on her socks—when twenty small children were gunned down in their classrooms shortly before Christmas? What happened in Newtown is devastating, and I can hardly think of it without weeping. But it’s only a few grains of sand ...more

Colored by Cate


Less is More


In the woods, on the sidewalks, and living our ideal life

“And I dreamed your dream for you, and now your dream is real.” My husband’s parents live in the country. ...more


As many of you know, I dropped out of college in my second semester. I was raised to believe that I would go to college and get my diploma, no questions asked. That’s just what you did. And I loved college. I loved my classes and the long sidewalks and the shaded lawns and that smell of pencil shavings and linoleum. Even after Alex started following me home, his footprints gaining on mine in the snow, I loved school . ...more