BlogHer '14 Hotels: A Video Tour to Help You Pick Your Hotel!

Hi, I'm a dork. I'm SO excited that BlogHer '14 is coming back to the Bay Area, where it all began! I bought my pass right away when it was announced, and then they shared the hotels a couple of weeks later. Wait. HotelS? With an S? Yup. There are four official hotels for BlogHer '14! ...more
that was so awesome. thank you for doing this. i'm local too (sf resident, grew up in east bay) ...more

91 Days

I didn't believe he was real.I didn't believe he was mine.The photo in the plastic frame, hastily printed and put on my bedside table? I thought my sister had gotten it off the internet.It wasn't supposed to be like this.I didn't believe I'd ever really been pregnant at all.The giant bandage on my still-swollen belly was just another remnant from yet another procedure, in a long string of "just another procedure," in my 7 years of dealing with kidney failure....more

Roadmap of My Life

Self-portrait, huh? I'll admit it; my first inclination was to take a super adorable shot of myself mugging for the camera, like the school photo I never had. But then I started thinking more; what did I want this photo to *say*? My portrait for this week is about more than just my face. The stretch marks, the surgical scars, the tiny dots left by large-gauge IVs... all of them, a roadmap to my life. ...more

Oh, this post is so awesome! i adore you on Twitter, but this? This is pure, raw, personal ...more