It's Not Me, It's You

When she called me a bad friend, it was the beginning of the end.I guess you could say our split was a long-time coming. We used to be casual playdate "mom friends" and we ended up getting closer.Then it happened....more

The Unlikely Friendship of My Mom and Mother

Statistically, foster situations happen when one or both parents are completely incompetent for one reason or another. My mother wasn't incompetent, just overwhelmed. My father was an alcoholic who beat my mother. He was always in and out, sometimes gone for days (jail, most likely) and even months. Then one day, he didn't come back. He was just gone. I was five-years-old the last time I saw him. He said he would meet me on Friday at the bus stop. He wasn't there, and I felt devastated. ...more
Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing. Truly an amazing story.more

I Am NOT Handling This Well At All..

I wrote a blog post about it already on my Mommy Blog, but I am not doing well with the idea of my daughter going to K in the fall. The thought has literally given me a panic attack! My family is telling me I'm crazy, I'll get over it, I'm overreacting, etc. Of course, it is the childless ones that insist all that....more