Love and Wandering Hearts

A lot of times during readings my clients are dealing with love, loss and relationships. Within these readings clients are looking for answers. Today's relationship topic is Cheating and Wandering Hearts....more

Post Holiday Detox - How to Keep the Peace Alive

As we begin 2013 here is a list of non-resolutions - things that are motivating not goal oriented - to keep up the momentum for 2013. Small reminders to keep a smile on your face and a bounce in your step - or at least a little warmth in your heart! ...more

Comparison Voice No More

 "Comparison is the thief of joy". -Theodore Roosevelt    The above quote stopped me short as I was reading it on another blog site because literally in the moment of finding it I was thinking "the person who designed this image has nicer web stuff than I do". ...more


This picture is of my daughter from when she was a few months old. Looking beyond the camera, she is trying to grasp something just in front of her. It is an effort, a struggle and requires uninterrupted concentration to achieve the task. Focus and determination are needed and there is no room for doubt - for a child of this age has no idea what doubt even is or means. The purest form of setting a goal and achieving it - right here in this photo....more