Your Life As Art

Art is a HUGE factor in all I am and do.  I enjoy creating it.  I enjoy visiting galleries and admiring it!   For years I studied it, and consider getting a degree about collecting it. It inspires my coaching practice, as I nurture the inner artist in each of us....more

10 Must-Read Books for Conscious Leaders

I love to read and learn.  You can call me a life-long learner.  I like books in print and on my iPod.  I am usually reading and listening to two books in any given time period - one for personal development and the other for pure entertainment.  On rare occasions one book will serve for both....more

Virtual Retreats - all the benefits without the hassle, travel or cost

Today in my Retreat Coach Training class we talked about virtual retreats.  You may ask, "What is a virtual retreat?"  And others may ask,  "What is a retreat?" ...more
Maria Niles Twitter can be a great place to connect.  Enjoy  :-)more