The Zimmerman Trial and the Racially Ignorant (like me)

This morning, in my Facebook stream: "Zimmermans life is ruined now, because he defended himself against a thug, but they only showed pictures of a sweet little boy, not the real punk that he was..." Another emotional and divisive issue hits the national scene.Another opportunity to wonder about some of the people I've friended on social media.Five truisms:1. Trayvon Martin's life is also ruined in that not-ever-breathing-again sort of way.2. As I understand Florida law, the Zimmerman jury delivered a just verdict.3. A just verdict under the law isn't the same as justice. Because some laws are pretty stupid.4. George Zimmerman's life has indeed been ruined ....more

Summer of Self Love

You might have noticed this blog has been a bit quiet over the last six months or so.  I was pouring blood, sweat, tears and weekends into my "real" business with predictable results: business growth, new accounts, new hires. Yay.Then there were the other predictable results: not enough family time, not enough exercise, too much stress eating, too much stress, period.Not enough genuine satisfaction ....more

Rick Warren And His Family. Left to Wonder

Lift up Rick Warren and his family ....more

Remembering Two Great Teachers

When I was 14, the completely un-athletic me followed some friends onto the girls track team. Our coach, Mr. Cahill, tried me out in various track and field events from hurdles (let's not go there) to the high jump (who even bends that way?) to sprinting.  After watching me sprint, Mr, Cahill said, "Let's try distance running."It was reminiscent of when my parents watched me in my first ballet recital and said, "Let's try piano." ...more

What Girl Scouts Taught Me About Capitalism

[Editor's Note: We learn about money and business at a very young age whether directly or indirectly. That is why I love Nora DePalma's post about the lessons in capitalism she received directly from the Girl Scouts. Fun post about the real world of sales (even if you're only 7 years old). -Paula G ...more
Thanks for sharing it, Denise! It was fun to write (not fun to live!)more

I Had a Miserable Week. Can I Sue Someone?

The first lawsuit has been filed in last week's Carnival Cruise Lines disaster.Really? ...more

Learning the Truth About Capitalism Through Girl Scout Cookies

I learned the truth about capitalism at age 7.  It was annual Girl Scout Cookie Time, and all of us Girl Scouts were given sales territories and a sales incentive. Don't think for even a minute that I'm kidding about that. We're 7 and the Girl Scouts have us on sales incentives....more

Southernisms This Yankee Likes

I've been a Yankee in the South for 14 years. Do you know the difference is between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee?Answer: A Yankee goes home.We didn't go home. Which is New Jersey (insert joke here). We stayed in the South. For 14 years. As a consequence--or a benefit--I must admit to adopting some Southernisms. It's just true that Southerners express some things better than us Yankees. Such as: 1. Y'all.  I know. As cliche'd as they come. But ...more

Maybe We Do Have Too Much Stuff

As far as conspicuous consumption goes, I'm far from being a material girl. Which is not to say I don't practice at least some retail therapy.I'm just so old now, I'm apparently forgetting what I buy.Which apparently leads to excess glassware. ...more