The Fair is a Smorgasbord!

Does anyone else remember that song from Charlotte's Web? Or at least I think that's where I learned it…that's a prime example of why I can't remember to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner, by the way. My brain is full of useless lyrics and random information that has no bearing on real life ....more

The Neglect is Starting to Show

Natalie suffers from second child syndrome. We all know it's not a rare disease, nor is it fatal (I'm proof ...more

So Young, and Yet...

Wyatt has a friend over this afternoon and, after having been outside for a bit, they came in to play. It got awfully quiet, so I decided to double-check what they're up to. Sure enough, the door was closed ....more

My Momma Said...

That I should write more stuff down because I'll forget it. Seeing as how I sometimes forget why I've entered a room, that's probably true. So here's some more of what's happening lately:1 ....more


Whew. Wyatt's on day three of school and I feel like I'm just starting to come up for air. Last year, I was overwhelmed at the beginning of the year because we were on month seven of Jeff being gone more than he was home and elementary school seemed to come with so many more pieces of paper, rules, and logistics ....more

The World According to Natalie

Nat just randomly asked me how many days it is until Christmas. I did some rough estimating and told her it will be, "205 days or so." So she hopped up, saying, "Oooh, let me go tell Wyatt!"Then I hear this: "Wyatt, it's two thousand forty days until Trismas!""What?!", he replied."Ummm, it's two hundred coins until something."Confused? Us, too. That sums up Natalie pretty well these days ....more

Mr. To The Point

This has been awaiting documentation for a few weeks now, so today's as good a time as any. The first weekend of May, we trekked to Atlanta and met up with a friend from Jeff's pilot training days. Wyatt's front tooth was hanging on by a thread and Jeff was good enough to remember to pack his special tooth fairy pouch. Somewhere between Augusta and Atlanta, Wyatt parted with the tooth and asked me to hold onto it so he ...more

Mini me

Or more accurately, Mini Jeff. Look what I just happened upon:Sweet Wyatt took it upon himself to sweep the garage! Jeff will be thrilled with the outcome and even more excited about his son taking on manual labor without being asked! ...more

Font of Knowledge

Natalie listens to the radio as she falls asleep at night, but apparently is starting to pay attention to what's being said. Namely, she listens to the non-music aspects like ads and dj's. A few days ago, she wandered into the kitchen for breakfast telling me all about how the weather was going to "be a yot yike yesterday, sunny and tool" which I didn't really think much about. I figured she'd gotten up, looked out her windows, heard me ...more


My girl is pretty sure she's got stuff figured out and I dare you to tell her she doesn't. For instance, today on the way home from school, we had this conversation:Me: What where you working on today at school?N: Well, we were practicing the letter seven. And I already know the letter seven (said in an exasperated voice).Me: Oh, really? What do you know about seven?N: I know that it's down and then across.Me: So then you also know that it's ...more