No Invitation

I was drunk, and yes, I called you, but it wasn't that kind of invitation. I didn't want to be alone and asked you to stay, but it wasn't that kind of invitation. I drank the drink you poured me, because I trusted you. I laid down, because I felt dizzy; I wasn't able to send you home any more. My mind was clear but I couldn't move. I didn't want that, but I couldn't tell you. I saw what you did, but couldn't fight back....more
Denise Thanks, Denise.. I'm over the panic and managed to shut him away somewhere.. But I knew ...more

Being An Atheist

I've thought about this post for well over a week. I had a quite disappointing and painful experience with someone, who basically told me that I was a bad person because I didn't believe in the Christian god. First I just brushed it off, but soon I noticed that I actually did hurt. ...more

Why Not???

We have a very good friend back in the States, a young man in his early twenties. He’s been babysitting Lily when she wasn’t even 2 years old so we could have an adult date out before baby no. two had her big day. Whenever we came visit, he spent time with Lily, playing with her and watching her shows with her. Last year when we were back for a visit, he even took care of both girls all day long while we were out on a group date....more

Daddy's Girl

We were walking trough town the other day, Lily was chattering, when she suddenly took her Daddy's hand, looked up to him and said: Daddy, you are my Hero!...more

When It's All In The Genes

The other day, I was sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office for my annual check-up and cancer prevention exams. As I leaved through the magazines that were lying around, an article on the new boom for fertility centers in Germany caught my eye. Luckily, the Mr. and I didn’t have problems in this regard, but unfortunately we know a few people who did....more

North Korea at War

I just came in the news and I'm still kind of shocked, even though I've kind of saw it coming. North Korea declared in their national TV program that they are actively at war again with the south. Some of my readers are military wives. Some of my personal friends are military wives, and we even have one close friend set to start a tour in South Korea this summer. We are beyond relieved that one close friend has just returned from his tour there and is now safely back in the US. ...more

Struggling for Air

I guess it's time for this post. I have dropped hints about my not-so-perfect relationship with my mother before, but I think I'm ready to get to the heart of it all. I'm honest, this is my third or fourth attempt of it, and it might not make it either, but it's something I just need to write about to get it off my chest, ...more

When Love Is Just That

I am seriously kind of sick of the whole matter. I was scrolling through my personal FB page and was confronted with the religious right bashing an "issue", which should not even be an "issue": gay marriage. Let me start to say, I even dislike the term "gay marriage". Marriage is marriage. Period. It should not matter who the parties are, as long as they are consenting adults. It's called tolerance! ...more

Talking Religion with our Kindergartener

I have blogged before on how annoyed I am with Lily's kindergarten shoving religion down her throat. I know, I know, it's in the curriculum. But still, tell the kids the story and be done with it. Don't teach them the songs and don't tell them that this is the reason for celebration instead of one option some people (ok, approximately 1.3 billion people) celebrate these days. ...more
like2read  We are living in Germany. And the "in god we trust" was intruduced into America ...more

My Relationship With Pink

I have never seen myself as a girl mom. Having been quite a tomboy myself, with a wardrobe full of jeans, black, and the quite lonely splash of red or blue (yes, I was able to get dressed in complete darkness and still rely on being dressed appropriately) and a healthy dislike of pink and frills, I was seeing myself chasing soccer balls with my sons. ...more