T-Shirt Bras and Boy Shorts

I don't know when it happened. I don't know how it happened. I was not aware that the evolution was slowly, but surely, in progress. Sure, I have changed a lot over the past few years, but I thought I was improving with age??Apparently not. For whatever reason, I recently became painfully aware of the contents of my lingerie underwear drawer. Not that it used to rival the Agent Provocateur catalog or anything, but somehow, it now holds the most boring, safe and un-sexy undergarments in existence. Bye bye lace; hello cotton. Push up? More like push down and flatten.God I'm depressed. Today, cotton t-shirt bras and boy shorts; tomorrow, grannie panties ("control briefs," according to the picture) and Playtex bras....more
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Anonymous Encouragement

After word began to get out that I was leaving my company to go out on my own as an independent contractor, I received a curious email on my work account. It landed in my Inbox as opposed to Junk Mail folder, although I didn't recognize the email address. The email contained only the following:...more


Well it's that time of year again, the time we all reflect on what we did (or didn't) accomplish in the 12 previous months, and what we do (or do not) want to achieve in the year ahead. In some ways, I feel that 2010 has been one long buildup of resolutions for me -- maybe not necessarily for the New Year, but for my life (my Life After Normal, that is!). ...more

Twelve Days of Life After Normal

In the spirit of the holiday season – and overwhelmed by the insanity that always seems to accompany it – I decided to reflect on my week. (Singing is optional, but highly recommended). Happy holidays! On the 12 days of Christmas, my crazy Life After Normal gave to me: 12 new work assignments 11 gifts to wrap 10 dollars left 9 cards to mail 8 “A Christmas Story”s 7 skipped workouts 6 vegan cookies 5 boozy drinks ** 4 o’clock massage 3 burnt out candles 2 crazy cats ...more

Home for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! Fa la la la la. Such fun, so festive, a time of celebration! Or, as it’s known in my world, HOLY SHIT ARE THERE REALLY ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS???????  The fact that the past year has been a complete blur isn’t really surprising to me. However, the fact that we’re 18 days away from the New Year is shocking. Where has all the time gone? And now it’s the holidays! Do I have a tree? Nope. Gifts purchased? About 5 percent of what I need to get. Holiday plans? Not-a-one, unless “sleep until noon every day” counts. ...more