Five reasons for a good old clear out

We’ve still got our hearts set on that dream house, so have been getting our current place up to show home standards for potential viewers.As well as an awful lot of scrubbing, we’ve had a good sort through random kitchen utensils, pound shop purchases and baking trays that have been squatting in our apartment for far too long.Here’s why a good sort out will make you feel good....more

The house of our dreams?

About a week ago we got a call from a local estate agent, tempting us with a house that costs so much, we both hoped we'd hate it.We've been in this position before you see - punching above our weight. Luckily each time previously there's been something drastically wrong with the property, like a haunted room or fixtures and fittings so stuck in the 1950's that the entire place would need re-building.Unfortunately this time round it was love at first sight. The perfect size, perfect style and perfect neighbourhood....more

Breaking up with a friend

Like everyone, over the years I have lost touch with friends. There are some you click with more than others, some who move too far away and some who you don't have much to say to once you're not in the same office every day.But how do you handle it when you just don't like someone any more? It's not that you've had an argument, but certain things they've done have made you realise you perhaps no longer want to make the effort.Let me explain....more