Mystery Spots, a Mini-Vacation, and Time with a soon to be Two Year Old!

I feel as though I should share how the rest of our week went after my last posting (although I've really tried to block...more

Oh what a Monday!

Can I just take a minute to re-cap this day while I sip a glass of wine?By 10:30 a.m. Owen and I were hanging out together in Urgent care, with his lip split open good and blood covering his pants and shirt. The cause was a freak playground accident involving a slide, a block and a brother. Poor kid! ...more

Evelyn's Baptism and Mother's Day

Gah! I meant to post pictures from our weekend...more

There's a Lego in My Coffee

Something happens to my sweet children around 4-5 pm. They become crazed wild men who cannot be tamed. Picture: high decibels, racing around the house, wrestling and tackling each other, which then often turns into real fighting, and just generally getting into trouble ....more

Our Week: Butterflies, Special Time, and Dinner On the Deck!

We had such a busy week last week, that I only blogged once. Man, as these boys get older, nap less, and stay up later, it gets harder and harder to find time to blog! Nap time and after early bedtime was always my blogging time!Still, I'll continue to blog when I can, because I do really enjoy it.Last Sunday, we headed up to Grand Rapids to see the butterflies ....more

Trips Turn 4! Part 2

Warning: There are an absurd amount of pictures in this post!Over Easter weekend, my brothers, sister in law, and nieces came to visit. I can't even tell you how much I love being around my siblings! The familiarity of shared history, the jokes that never get old, the fact that we know each other so well, that our bond is unbreakable.... ....more

Four Boys, One Bedroom

When we first moved to Michigan (pre-Owen), we gave Colin his own room, thinking that he'd like some space from the "babies" (because in Chicago they all had to share a room due to lack of space). He started in his own room but soon decided he wanted to be back with his brothers. I'll never forget how one night before bed, he finally told us this and asked, "So when can I move in with them??" We said, "We didn't know you felt this way" and, "anytime." He wanted to move into their room right then and there ....more

The Trips Turn 4! Part 1

The triplets turned four a few weeks ago and we had the best time celebrating them!Then, people got the flu and I haven't had a chance to post pictures yet.We basically had two parties, one on their birthday, celebrating as a family and with my in-laws.Then, that following Saturday my brothers, sister in law and my sweet nieces came in town and we celebrated again!When we asked the boys what theme each of them would like, for their birthday, Carter said, "Mickey Mouse", Everett said, "Frozen" and Finn said, "Paw Patrol".So here you have it, a Mickey Mouse/ Frozen/ Paw Patrol Birthday! Finley, Carter, Everett Trips on wheels! Watch out neighborhood! ...more

C'ya Respiratory Flu!!

And don't let the door hit ya on your way out!!This past week and a half tested me, beyond what I thought I could do. We've said it probably 1,000 times before, that for us the hardest part of parenting five young children seems to be when sickness hits. And this past week sickness hit hard!First Chris went down ....more

Wild Friday Nights and Random Acts of Kindness

I just bought the boys each a new game for the Leap Pads in the hopes that I could have maybe 30 minutes to take a break. What. A. Week ....more