We are on our annual family vacation and having the best time! Look how much the cousins have grown since last year: Hmmm, they may have gotten rowdier too.......more

Our First Time Camping with the Boys

(Written last Friday) Yesterday Chris and I took the boys camping! It was our first go at it and overall a success!...more

Picture Perfect..... and Behind the Scenes

I've been thinking lately about our stories and our pictures and what we choose to share or not share with others. I notice that many pictures out there in social media portray the most beautiful parts of life. And that's okay ....more

Summer Fun

This past weekend I took the boys to visit my parents so that Chris could get some work done on the house. He painted and installed eight new doors which is great because 1. they look amazing and 2 ....more

12 Month Photo Project- July

Oops- I skipped June. And this month, I barely had my camera out! But I did take a few pictures earlier this week and here they are ....more


For no good reason except that it sounded fun, we pulled the fire pit out of the garage and roasted s'mores in the driveway tonight.We were right, it was fun!And messy.And yummy.I think maybe we should do this every Tuesday night, really. ...more

Family Beach Night, Boy Mom Style

We try to have a family beach night as often as we can. Family beach night basically means as soon as we finish dinner, we bike over to the beach closest to us and spend about an hour on the beach. Which in Miller boy terms, means an hour of WORK ....more

A few more pictures from our weekend in NY:

Julie and Joe's BBQ Friday night: A toast to Brian: After the memorial service, many people gathered across the street from the Church for a reception. It was the same room that people gathered in after my Grandparents' funeral too. My family: Cousins! ...more

Celebrating Brian

This past weekend I flew to Rochester, NY to attend my cousin Brian's memorial service. Although it was very very sad, I think that Brian would be pleased with how this family came together to celebrate his life and say "goodbye". There were many tears, but there was also laughter and many stories shared ....more

Strawberry Picking

You'll be happy to know that I have finished...more