Aortic Dissection Repair day 1-3

January 15It is 3 am and I just arrived at the ICU waiting room here at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis.  John will be in surgery for about 12 hours...yes...12 HOURS for an extensive aortic dissecting aneurism....more

Aortic Dissection Repair day 4-6

January 18...more

Aortic Dissection Repair day 7-9

January 21John has been pretty loopy at times, especially after this second surgery.  But he does have some clarity.  He continues to be in and out of a fib, is on dialysis, but it has been a pretty restful and comfortable night....more

Aortic Dissection Repair day 10-12

 January 24.9:30am. 2nd bad night, think we need to be here all night. Lots of pain and nightmares...crackly lungs but thank God no breathing tube. so we got to talk clearly for 30min or dosing again. Less bleeding from drainage and that's good. He got to look at his wounds and it reminded him of Jesus' suffering. Gail with me until Paula arrives.2pm. Well. Yesterday's blood cultures show no growth. On antibiotics of course. He just stood up three times and is now in the chair working hard to hold his head up....more