Why I Don't Like Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks, but I don't think they listen I'm going to put some opinions out there to the best of my ability, because I get angry every time I think about it all, so it's not easy. I'm also not going to link to any doom and gloom sources (why would I want to give them more traffic?) so if you really want to know more, you'll have to Google it yourself. (The links in my text all go to posts on MY site with MY opinions) ...more

Being A Burden

He woke up often at night, scared. He would call out to me. I would sit with him and tell him jokes to ease his anxiety. It was hard to get him to eat anything. He was picky and had problems chewing. He would choke easily and drool a lot. Eating was always a big mess. He did better with liquids, but I had to give him a straw and watch him carefully to make sure he didn't choke. ...more
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The Emergency NYE Banana

Hubby sometimes gets really bad migraines (especially when he eats gluten, which has been difficult to avoid during this trip, but we're working at it). He got one yesterday evening, which was New Year's Eve. To get some quiet from us, he left our hotel room and went downstairs to a Starbucks to drink lots of coffee, which seems to help. That left me and the Little Man alone to figure out dinner....more

Mama On a Motherly Instinct Mission

The Little Man had an Occupational Therapy (OT) evaluation yesterday. We had seen one before at the Children's Hospital in the feeding clinic, but I didn't like the way they work (wanting me to bribe him to eat good foods by using things like chocolate and ice cream). Not only that, but the psychologist there isn't great with autism and they don't really "believe" in sensory issues - it's just not their thing. So rather than butt heads, we thanked them for their time and stopped going....more

Our Journey Through the Spectrum

[EDIT: A lot has changed in a year. We never did ABA, because we didn't think he needed it (and he doesn't) - I'm not into their methods. The speech issue is caused by Childhood Apraxia of Speech]So it only took about 10 months, but I finally got confirmed what I always knew: The Little Man was diagnosed with ASD today. Part of me feels relieved and validated. The other part of me feels completely exhausted....more


I'm aware I could be more sensitive because of my secondary infertility background - it took many years, lots of tests, pain, tears, money and effort to have our son. I'll also admit I might be a bit more sensitive since even though my son resembles and acts like me, he's white. So I don't like it when we go out and people ask, 'who's child is that?' and someone else jokingly pipes up, 'mine.'Because often, the other person is white, and therefore other people believe them. I am very proud of my son. He was a real labour of love....more

Little Boys Smell Like Grass and Worms...and I Love It!

I'd always wanted a little boy. I just prefer them. I know a lot of women say they don't know how to relate to a little boy; how they're loud, dirty, full of energy and never sit still. That's exactly why I love them though!I think little boys are more likely to break bones or hurt themselves in general, but little girls get into trouble doing more devious things. I think they also whine more. Nevertheless, I think I knew what I was getting into before I had my boy and it's everything I expected to be....more

My Womb is Always in Question

I had thought once I had a kid, all those pesky questions would stop. You know, the old, "so when are you going to have one?" or "isn't it about time you started trying?"Having suffered through secondary infertility and three miscarriages for many years, I found these sorts of questions invasive, nosy, triggering and depressive. But I used the opportunity to educate, to tell people I already had three "angel babies" and they hopefully learned never to comment on someone's lack of children ever again. ...more

Cute Kids Have Delays Too

We were at the feeding clinic yesterday and the Little Man gained half a pound in the last three weeks, so he's finally doing well. He's between the 10-15th percentiles now, which is just fine by me. The psychologist said, "in a way, you have to be super parents because your child is not like the other ones and you have to work harder."Yes, THANK YOU!...more

The Permanency of the Internet

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I write about my family and about what others write. Frankly, I don't think enough people think about it seriously enough.There's a certain permanency on the Internet that lasts longer than people's memories. Even if you take down a site or a blog, there are always personal caches, screenshots and The Wayback Machine archive. ...more