The Importance of Vitamin D and Calcium

As I’ve gotten older and become more aware of health issues, a source of frequent confusion is my vitamin intake. I eat well – little to no processed food and lots of fruit and vegetables – but I worry that I’m still lacking vital nutrients, especially with the news surrounding the oft-mentioned vitamin D and calcium. In fact, the U.S. government commissioned the Institute of Medicine to complete a study to clarify the appropriate levels of each; the results of which came out late last year....more

My Adult-Only Saturday

Once in awhile, Moms need a break. While this may be an obvious statement, it’s easier said than done. For instance, during the school day, the temptation to do errands, deal with the overflowing laundry basket and finish the rest of my to-do list always wins out. It’s this Jersey Mom’s version of GTL – that’s gym, tan, laundry in “Jersey Shore” speak. So when the opportunity came to spend the afternoon with my friend at a bra fitting / presentation followed by tea at the Sanderson Hotel, I said yes before asking my husband if he could watch Sophia (“No” wasn’t an option!)...more

In Sickness and In Health

For us, last weekend was one of those times when, as parents, you ask yourselves – aren’t Saturday and Sunday meant to be for rest? The visit to the London Natural History Museum was fun but was also absolutely exhausting. Sophia was already cranky and hungry because, as she was eating so slowly (one of my biggest pet peeves I must admit), we were forced to curtail lunch lest the entire afternoon lapse! Compound this with the fact that she hasn’t completely transitioned out of her stroller and wants to get in and out every 10 minutes, you can understand my early bedtime....more

To Botox or Not To Botox

I’m not exactly sure when I began to think of botox (and, by extension, fillers) but all I know is that it’s everywhere I look. Every single issue of the fashion magazines I read – both in the US and the UK – contains some sort of reference or article. It wasn’t always like this. Way back in the early noughties, plastic surgery was considered the domain of the seriously rich or the seriously crazy. Now, it’s so normal and commonplace that even some dental practices in London offer botox. (I’m not sure how wrinkles and root canals are related but there you go!)...more

Tantrums and Migraines

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day in the Governale household. Why you ask? Well, it seems that Sophia has reached the age where every answer is a firm “No” or my personal favorite “but Mommy…” This alone wouldn’t be so bad but when combined with her stubbornness (I blame this entirely on my husband!) the outcome is potentially explosive. Case in point was yesterday’s playdate with Sophia’s friend at her house. It all started well enough with the girls playing alone while my friend and I caught up....more

Chocolate does a body good!

I’m not what you’d call a gourmet chef having learned to cook properly about 4-5 years ago (which mysteriously coincides with my wedding and the birth of my daughter). When I was living in New York, I subsisted perfectly well on take-out Mexican and Italian food and even now, I’m really glad my husband is a good cook so I don’t have to take charge every night! Despite my newfound ability to make a killer Bolognese sauce, the only food I really love to cook usually involves chocolate of some sort....more