I blog for i-Lighter

Hello people of Blogher. I've been meaning to come around for a long time. I just joined and I plan to make use of the community. I recently landed a position as a blogger for i-Lighter, a great online highlighter tool that helps people gather and organize information from the Internet for free. I've decided to blog about my personal trials and tribulations and the things that make me tick. I'm also hoping people will take a look at i-Lighter and give it a try. http://www.i-Lighter.com ...more

I was planning to give twitter lights a try earlier this week and then promptly forgot. Your ...more

Someone Believed in Me

Someone believed in me when I was finding it so difficult to believe in myself. Someone gave me a chance. After twenty-five years in a career that I hated, I have made the switch to something I love. I love to write. I may not write well, I may not use the most eloquent words, I may not be the fanciest writer. But I love to express myself. I've always had a love affair with the written word. Sometimes I think the written word loves me back. ...more