Why Doesn't Your Child Attend Sunday School?

Its important the your family takes the time to bond individually and collectively. I think Sunday School is such a great tradition that we all need to support. I love that some churches even have it the same time as adult church. There is nothing wrong with Sunday School. However, more and more parents are just so stressed during the week that they are too tired to drop their children off to Sunday School. ...more

Do You Feel Alone or Lost?

Have you ever lost anything? Do you remember as a child being lost in a store or in the woods? Do you remember how you felt? Well, I want to share a story with you from  the bible. Jesus told it to some strict know it all teachers at the time who didn't like that way Jesus would speak to so called "common" people.   There was a shepherd who took care of 100 sheep. However one evening he realize that he only had 99 sheep. Do you think he just said forget that one hard headed sheep? No he was concern and loved his animals....more

Springtime: No Just For Physical Renewal

    Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Its not just the weather that is causing your void. It has nothing to do with the lack of sunlight. Springtime, It is more than a time to clean your house and declutter. It is also a time to renew your spiritual life. Yes, our spiritual life or lack of it does effect us. Think about if you stop talking to your mother for over a year. How would you feel? Would you miss her? Would you begin to subconsiously smell your favorite foods she makes?...more

Is Your Marriage Made in Heaven?

Hi Everyone, Is Your Marriage Made in Heaven? If your answer is "NO" more like Hell. Then you gotta read my blog at http://inspiringsisters.blogspot.com Many young couples are opting for divorce because they really don't understand what the Bible has said about marriage and their responsibility. Some people take longer to decide on which car to buy than who should be their mate. ...more