My Journey Back to Cycling

Last year I started my journey back to cycling, the sport that consumed most of my free time during the 1990’s.  Since my doctor forbade me from all things high-impact (which basically covered about 80% of my pre-surgery workout routine) after my 2013 knee surgery, I had to find alternative work out routines for this middle-aged body....more

How to Order Cuban Coffee in Miami

This post is for all the Miami visitors who are intrigued by Cuban coffee and about how to order it. If you are in Miami, specially if you are a foodie, you should take a break from the Starbucks. I actually love Startbucks, but I personally only visit the Starbucks in Miami when: (1) someone else is paying for it, (2) I am desperate for a Cuban coffee and there is no Cuban coffee in the near vicinity, (3) I am not ordering espresso (aka Cuban coffee), or (4) I need to deplete a Starbucks gift card. To tell you the truth, 2 rarely happens, as there is always a Cuban restaurant nearby. ...more
I can't wait either--even though I live just 10 minutes away. Welcome to Miami!more

How to Order Cuban Coffee in Miami

This post is for all the Miami visitors who are intrigued by Cuban coffee and how to order it.  I want to start this Ordering Cuban Coffee in Miami Tutorial for all of you Cuban coffee virgins, so you can truly enjoy your Cuban coffee while you are visiting my Miami during BlogHer Food '14....more

Old Photos of My Grandparents

I truly enjoy looking through old family photos and remembering about the special moments and people in the photos.  Lucky to have a short hall inside my bedroom, I used it as an opportunity to create a gallery wall of old black and white family photos.  The gallery wall also includes a color photo of my son, who was the newer addition to the family and the ultimate creation of all those people whose photos are also decorating my wall.  I have to say that I am mighty proud of that gallery wall and I show it off often....more

Miranda Levy from Project Runway 12 season Launched a Kickstarter Project

Miranda Levy launched a Kickstarter project yesterday to fund and create her new 15 piece collection. Her Kickstarter project, which is titled “Miranda Levy of Project Runway 2014 Collection”, is running from September 21 to October 31, 2013.  read more at

Drool Inducing DuJour Fall Issue

I am still going through the 10 days of mail that accumulated while we were out.   Within that pile of mail is a sub-pile of magazines and catalogues.  Last night after dinner I decided to tackle that sub-pile.  I grabbed the largest item, the DuJour magazine Miami Fall 2013 edition, and quickly ripped out its plastic cover. I knew. And immediately, and I am not exagerating, I started drooling over page after page of fabulous red and non-red things that I want and that I cannot even dream of owning....more

My Overweight Rocky Bamba

This is a very short post.  Just wanted to share this photo of one of my beagles.  We came home from our Seattle vacation and found our beagles a little overweight. I guess our house guests were a little generous with the dog food and treats. Now I have the two poor souls on a diet. It took them 10 days to gain the extra pounds. I guess it will take them about the same time to lose it. Here is Rocky, short for Rocky Bamba....more

Why My Red Lipstick Challenge Failed

After applying my True Red #314 L’Oreal lipstick for my cousin’s wine and cheese on Saturday, I felt fabulous, confident, and empowered. (I even tweeted from the event!) It was like wearing the indestructible Wonder Woman Bracelets of Victory, minus the enemy shielding powers.  (continue reading)...more

Weeds Grow Faster When You Travel

On a Saturday morning, I pulled the weeds and sprayed weed killer all over the decorative border in our front yard while hubby mowed.  Tuesday morning, exactly three days later, we left for Seattle/Portland.  We were gone exactly 10 days and came back last Friday.   We had relatives staying in our house the whole time, enjoying the house while dog sitting.    When we walked into our house, it was immaculate.  It would not have been cleaner if I had cleaned it myself....more

How I Ended Up at BlogHer13

I am still talking about the BlogHer13 conference with my family and friends.  I guess I could equate the feeling I still have to the one a child gets on a candy store. So, I want to just tell you about how I ended up at BlogHer13....more