Lindsey - part of a series, "Be True to Thyself"

With the spirit of encouraging and inspiring everyone out there to become acquainted with oneself and learn to be comfortable and accepting of oneself, I have started a series, "Being True to Thyself," wherein I will include snapshots of individuals who dare to be themselves, imperfections and all, and are becoming stronger, full-of-life people.Lindsey is the first individual in my series....more

All the World Is a Stage; the Good, Bad, and the Ugly

All the world is a stage, and with that comes the good, bad, and the ugly.We choose to wear masks every day.The Good...more

For the Love of Brick and Mortar Independent Bookstores

The Tattered Cover is a great bookstore!more

Rain Will Produce Success and Flourishing

 Rain can blur visibility or create a huge mess (when non-stop for a prolonged amount of time), but rain also provides n...more

How Fulfilling Jury Duty Obligations Shocked Me

 What bothered me about being summoned was NOT the fact that I was bored. I was not bored. The process, though tedious, was well-organized....more

"I don't watch movies. They lie."

We were supposed to state what we considered "Best Movie Ever!" Could not help but notice the comment "I don't watch movies! They lie."...more
hmm I would say that. they lie as in its narrative for commercial purposes. its a business. its ...more

My Love-Hate Relationship with Nature

A person once asked me, "Why don't you like flowers?"...more

The Road to Success is not what it always seems

Sometimes the cost (of success) is physical, impacting one's limbs, in more ways than one.Oftentimes the impact is not only skin deep.Perhaps questioning or doubting one's skills in the related fields; experiencing cut-throat, merciless competition; working extra long hours and still wondering whether one will succeed....more