"I don't watch movies. They lie."

We were supposed to state what we considered "Best Movie Ever!" Could not help but notice the comment "I don't watch movies! They lie."...more

My Love-Hate Relationship with Nature

A person once asked me, "Why don't you like flowers?"...more

The Road to Success is not what it always seems

Sometimes the cost (of success) is physical, impacting one's limbs, in more ways than one.Oftentimes the impact is not only skin deep.Perhaps questioning or doubting one's skills in the related fields; experiencing cut-throat, merciless competition; working extra long hours and still wondering whether one will succeed....more

The Grouchy Butterfly

Plenty of life's worthwhile experiences come with difficulties, struggles, and pain....more

Being Good to Oneself is Not Being Hedonistic or Selfish

I am in a place or position where I put the needs of others before mine. That has often left me eating long past due, sleeping less than I need to function properly, and leaving my own time to whatever meager crumbs remain....more

Not Just an Orphan

Last week, I saw a powerful documentary about a Korean pastor, Pastor Lee Jong-rak who has provided refuge for those who have been deemed unwanted or rejected. He has provided a safer place, a 'drop-box,' where unwanted babies can be placed; instead of being abandoned in the cold abrasive elements of the outdoors, left to die. Beyond providing safe temporary refuge, Pastor Lee has adopted a number of these little ones into his own family....more

Success, Based on What or Whose Standards?

By the standards of the world, my profession, and my paying work, I would be the model example of failure in my career. I am not attending conferences, hobnobbing with fellow colleagues in the field, and I am not keeping up with current research and publishing.It is time to throw in the towel and call me done. Look up the word 'failure' (to do one's job well) in the dictionary, and my name and photograph will be found in the definition of the term....more

Going Beyond Appearances is Dangerous, Unpredictable, and Freeing

I stumbled upon an article on fake olive oil article this morning. We have been duped into purchasing fake olive oil masquerading as virgin olive oil. A desire to pursue health benefits has been trumped, at least in part, by the need to save money....more

Listening or Being Heard

From early on in life, I have enjoyed talking. Talking, talking, talking. I cannot recall the particular mélange of comments I offered. That period screeched to a sudden and grinding halt, when I found out speaking one's mind was disruptive whilst teaching was going on in the classroom or whilst others' voices were in seeming dire need of being heard. As much as I basked in sharing my fascinations and discoveries like an unbridled, exciting adventure, I treasured even more offering a listening ear to others....more