Our government is riddled with corruption!  I have been railing against the bills that are beening pushed through Congress before anyone has time to read them.  I will continue to do so, but the real problem, the underlying problem is why this is happening!  Don't you have to stop and wonder why these massive bills are so massive?  And why there is such a hurry to get them passed?  First I was just thinking why the hurry, but the more I pondered on this question the more I wondered "WHY THE HURRY?" Is it really because it is so imperative?  Does it really have ...more

What's the Hurry

Why is the President always in such a hurry?  Why did the stimulus package have to be passed immediately, right now, before anyone could read the bill?  Didn't the President promise transparency?  Didn't he promise that he would wait to sign bills?  WHAT IS THE HURRY? ...more

I Am Not A Crazy

I am not a crazy.  Yes, I am a conservative. That does not make me a crazy. ...more

Health Care - Who Cares?

I Care!  Where the heck does the Obama Administration get off devaluing life in this country???   Ezekiel Emanuel, health advisor to President Obama is devaluing life as we know it.  When did the aged, disabled, or very young become of lesser value than the young adult? I don't know the ins and outs of this blogging, but I am so upset with this administration that I don't care how this looks. I don't care about my grammar. I just care about enlightening people to what this government is planning.  ...more


  Here is ...more

Our Constitution

Have you ever noticed when something is so very important to you that it is hard to find the words to express your feelings?  I am so dismayed by the direction this Country is taking.  I am wondering if anyone ever reads our Constitution?   Is it taught in schools? ...more

A Beginning

When something is so very important to you, where do you find the words to express your feelings?  A quiet spot, the sounds of nature and blessed peace are balms to my soul.  When my heart is troubled, there is nothing as soothing as a long walk, and maybe a good cry.  Yes, cries can be good. Speaking my mind, expressing my feelings, or disagreeing with someone goes against the very core of my being. ...more