Fair Fight for Fair Education

Getting educated on where the candidates stand on education, I was a bit perplexed on where McCain stood. If McCain's plan was a puzzle, it would have a few pieces missing. On of the common themes I came across for McCain seem to be competition and choice. Sounds good on the outside but not so pretty on the inside. ...more

The Sickness Shuffle

I always seem to write about my appearance as a mom. I have to admit I am getting better. On those jogging pant’s days I try harder to do my hair, put on a little make-up. Our appearance says a lot about us. Today my appearance tells you one of two things, that I spend the better part of the week in a tavern or I have been taking care of two sick kids. Unfortunately I am sober. ...more

…But Sometimes They Must Wear High Heels

Okay for 2 Hours I was not a real Mom. I was a fashionista , a fashion plate, a high heel wearing, depending on others to chase after my children, real honest to goodness woman. A little hypocritical to my own shoe/mom believes. I decided to try something new. ...more

3 Days, The 3 R’s and 3 New Mother Earth Lovin’ Tree-huggers

 My entry in an Earth day essay contest- didn't win:( but the kids had fun that is all that matters! Day One: I will admit we are not a very Green family. More so out of the force of habit I think. I can honestly say I do not recycle everything that I am suppose to and at any given moment of the day more then five lights will be on in the house. I decided the best way to start our first steps to make the planet a better place was to truly look at what we could do in our own home to “Go Green.” ...more

Very Dirty Minds Like Dirty Moms in High Heels; the art of double entendre in blogs

So for kicks and giggles I took a peek at my blog stats, stats that would make only a person without a blog jealous. As I looked at searches for my blogs I realized my search feeds were bringing people who were looking for something other then my life as a mom. ...more

Gosh if I'd known the blogosphere was this much fun I would have done this ages ago!  I am ...more

Journey into Sensory Processing Disorder:What Is It?

Sensory processing disorder is a complex disorder of the brain. Children who have SPD misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound, and movement. This is a basic definition, there are many subtypes, and SPD can effect those with ADD and autism. ...more

Your boy sounds so much like mine.  Owen is also sensory seeing. He's 7 and we're just starting ...more

The Crockpot: My False Idol

Laugh if you will, I worship my crockpot. What else can you throw some broth and whatever meat and veggie are in the kitchen and have a meal with no work. The crockpot in my house holds the coveted place in the small appliance cabinet, right up front and in the center, ready to be pulled out in a moments notice. I am convinced the blender and pasta roller are jealous of my mini miracle god. I did get a new crockpot for Christmas, stainless steel, oval rounded edges, three temperature setting, heaven on earth. It comes in first, in matter of cooking tools. ...more

But I do love my crockpot. Love making pot roast in it. I love that I can dump stuff in it in ...more

A Tale of Two Shirleys

dressThis dress my Grandma wore when she was one year old, and every girl has had their picture taken in it. My Grandma holds tradition very dear. She also goes to great lenghth to care for a christening gown passed down through the generations. It is only fitting that I name my daughter MEgan Shirley after a great woman. ...more

Real Moms Get Dirty

I marvel in a day how much dirt my children can pick up. My vacuum cleaner lives in the front room. After lugging it upstairs and downstairs 3 times a day to the closet, its old home, I decided to save my back and a little time. Two against one is not good odds for a mommy, if I cleaned up after all their messes I would not get a moments ...more

It always amazed me, too, when I would take my girls to the playground, the parents that ...more

Journey into Sensory Processing Disorder:The Discovery

From time to time I write blogs called Journey into Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD).  My son suffers from this little known learning disability.  With a lot of help he is doing great.  I wrote this blog 12-13-2007..  If you have any questions about SPD please feel free to comment and ask questions. ...more