Summer is here.

So now it's summer --- my eleven-week freedom. Surreal. I thought it would feel weird to not go to school, and man was I right. I feel a little empty here. We had a picnic, the girls of my class, as a sort of farewell get-together. Eleven weeks apart is a lot when you've been together every day. We all have summer jobs out of town or live far away from each other, so it was nice to spend the sunny afternoon together at the park listening to music and playing Cranium and entertaining all the passers-by with our little pantomime moments....more

Do you think unicorns are monsters?


Teachers don't want me in the IB program because of my "sickness"

I was happy to finally get my doctor's note for my school to be more understanding about my absences and slipping in deadlines. I was happy, but not for long. I had a few months before had a talk with my teacher and my IB coordinator about my absences. They had then suggested the normal, easier school program, which I could make something that "suits my disabilities and needs". I had to repeat my Pre-Diploma year of the International Baccalaureate Program because I was in psychiatric hospital for three and a half months last year....more

Did I just misunderstand...

Or did you just put my absences in school before my stopping cutting? You know, it does not help me, that you come in and tell me in a I'm-trying-not-to-sound-disappointed tone that I should drag my way to school after I have just texted you from the next room that I am trying to sleep it off, that if I went now I would either go cut in the bathroom or cut in class with my pencil sharpener. I told you I was only missing my one 90-minute lesson of math and that I am going to deal with it....more

Good morning. Let's talk about breakfast... Razor blades or scissors?

I find myself in this constant spiral full of holes, of little tiny spaces through which my mind escapes to find a way to get some of my blood escaping out onto my already-scarred skin. It is not a remedy. It isn't a sickness no more than any other addiction. I've gone today without it, even though I'm constantly reminded of it from the glares I get if I walk around in a t-shirt. I have a broken body, a broken mind and (trying not to sound too cliché here) a somewhat broken heart that, even though it beats, likes to make its way into my limbs and have me ache for something sharp....more

Thanks <3 I think them monsters too, haha. And I talk talk talk, it just needs to be fetched out ...more