How to Make a Paper Pumpkin

It's almost October so I'm posting my first pumpkin of the season. A classy paper pumpkin! Get your scissors ready because this craft is not only gorgeous but also quite easy.I kept my paper pumpkin simple. You could easily paint the edges of the paper with gold paint or something pretty though. Scroll down for the tutorial....more
Ohhh! I love this!more

DIY Blood Dripped Candles for Halloween

 This craft is not only brilliant but super easy!All you need is a red candle, a white candle, and a lighter. Let's go.Creepy huh?...more
I love that idea! Such a simple DIY project for the ghoulish season!more

Nutella Bites

These are amazing. I'm just saying .... I ate 6 of them. And yeah, I feel pretty sick. I need a pickle, or a handful of capers, or string cheese. Something to cut the cup of sugar I just consumed. If you like cheesecake you'll like these Nutella Bites. They really aren't overly sweet .... unless you eat 6 of course : ) ...more