What Happens When I Have a Cold ... (and not enough sleep)

Have fun at the book fair! They are always so much fun!more

Evaluating What's Important

I wrote not too long ago about thinking about my direction in life, in particular where I'm going in jewelry design.  More than a few people emailed me expressed the same feelings, and I did what I could to encourage and to help people submit their work to magazines.  I'd love to see some new blood in those pages!  A lot of people have said they feel like "why bother" when they see many of the same names month after month, and with as many blogs as I read -- I know there's a ton of amazing people ...more

The Pleasure of Failure

I'm not a natural athlete. I never did well in gym class, yet I joined the military.  I made it through Boot Camp and enjoyed the obstacle course, but broke my ankle while running laps....more

It's friends like that who keep us going and help us finish across the line. Great Post!more

The Stinky Shoes

Today I've been in a reflective mood.Taking stock of things.Figuring out what's worth my time, and what should be thrown in the figurative trash.It's not that I don't think like this on a regular basis.  I mean, all of us at some time or other sit down and think, "This or that is just not worth the effort I'm giving it," or "This person just does not have the power to make me have a bad day."So why did this hit me today? All because of a pair of stinky shoes. ...more

A Balanced Approach

A while back, I asked blog readers, to tell me what to write.  And I bookmarked your suggestions, and have written about several topics you've requested -- the Bay Bridge trips, business tips for jewelry designers (I'll be continuing those, I haven't forgotten), and more stories abou...more

The End of School -- Age 8, and Age 27

The past two weeks has closed the doors on two educational milestones, both completely at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Zack, who is eight, finished 2nd grade. Colin, Rick's middle son, completed his Ph.D. in Physics at Yale. First Colin.  I have always described Colin as "mutant smart".  I mean, seriously, folks. Let's examine this. ...more

The Highs and the Lows : Part Two

Yesterday, after my computer completely crashed (I'm now on my husband's, hoping my external backup works -- it's been plugging away over 24 hours now), I felt like going for a little drive.  While waiting at a stop light, my car was crashed INTO (I am completely fine!).  Crash upon crash.  Whee!...more

The Highs and The Lows : Part One

Over the past few weeks, I've been chatting with some crafters -- jewelry designers, bead makers, knitters, painters, quilters -- who have either hit some serious crafter's blocks or have fallen into the abyss of "what's the point". I know this feeling OH so well. ...more

Jesus is a Girl

Today I asked Zack if he knew why we celebrated Easter. He's been going to a Wednesday night youth group at church so I figured he'd be well-versed. He started a rapid-fire litany of the Easter story, but I was puzzled ... he kept referring to Jesus as a "she". I cautiously said, "You know.... Jesus was a man." He looked befuddled. Zack: "But he has long hair!" I guess they missed the pronoun portion of the Easter Story. ...more

If I'd Only Known -- Tips For Starting a Jewelry Design Business

As I've mentioned before, I got into the jewelry design business completely and totally by accident. I didn't take a class, just jumped in with both feet and started messing around and figuring things out for myself. Almost immediately, I took my hobby into a business. Looking back, there are so many things I wish I'd known: ...more