Coconut Bread

 Have any two words ever sounded sexier? I know, right? Okay, maybe it’s just me....more

Nasi Goreng


Sambal Grilled Chicken

 I was rummaging around for dinner last night. When in doubt, I always turn to something spicy. Since chicken was all I had in my refrigerator, spicy chicken it was!...more

Beef Salad - Thai-style

I titled this post beef salad – Thai -style instead of Thai beef salad because this is a Thai-inspired salad, not the popular yum neua – a beef salad with toasted rice powder, available at any Thai restaurant. ...more

Minced Pork with Noodles


Coffee Toffee Bars

La Bete Noire


Japanese Chashu

My family gathers for meals every week. My grandma toils for hours in a hot kitchen to produce a banquet for all of us (think Eat Drink Man Woman. Really). When I was much younger, my grandma would always tell me to eat all the rice in my bowl. She said that for every grain left, my future husband would have that same amount of pimples/scars on his face. ...more

The Easiest Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Oh my goodness. Just yesterday I was complaining about the turn in the weather. I didn’t want summer to go, but lo and behold, today is a whopping 28°C (82°F). Melbourne’s weather is infamously erratic, but I can’t complain because it’s brought the sun out today (and tomorrow too, I hear)....more