Chocolate Cake

At our cooking class event with Wine pairing this afternoon chef Elena prepared the most delicious and easy to make chocolate cake! Ingredients 400g Fresh Cream 300g Bitter Chocolate (min 70%) 100g cocoa Powder (Optional) 50g finely chopped candied orange peel Method Finely chop bitter chocolate add to pot with fresh cream. Melt chocolate with fresh cream using double saucepan (bagno maria). Once chocolate has melted remove from flame add cocoa powder directly to ingredients through a sieve. Add candied orange peel. Blend ingredients together....more

Citrus Ravioli in a Shrimp Sauce

Last Thursday our guests did not show up for their Hands on cooking class with Daniela and I. With my kitchen organized for a class I just had to get in there and start cooking! With a fridge full of seasonal goodness. I decided to make home made pasta.  I made hand made tagliatelle for that evening with my two sons Diego (1 1/2yrs) and Giulio (4 1/2 yrs) you can imagine what the kitchen looked like after we had finished making tagliatelle!I also made Citrus Ravioli with Ricotta and freezed them. We enjoyed them last night with a shrimp sauce. ...more