The Bush administration is its own expert on reproduction, economy

According to its report released Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to change the definition of “abortion” used to determine which services can be provided or referred at a facility receiving federal funds. As RH Reality Check reports, there are two commonly used understandings of when a pregnancy begins: conception (fertilization of the egg by the sperm) and implantation (of the fertilized egg into the uterine lining). The report states: ...more

MTV takes a "shot" at bisexuality

Wow. So the other night I was just mindlessly watching "The Soup" on E! as I got ready to go out, and let me tell you, I needed a drink after that. Can I just say that I saw this coming long ago when my women's studies students informed me there'd be a new romance reality show featuring a bisexual woman, and thus, both male and female contestants. (First aside, this show could have never happened with a male bisexual, which is so unacceptable in our culture.) Yes, I'm talking about Tila Tequila's "A Shot at Love." And yes, I realize I'm actually spending time discussing the Myspace queen who stupidly takes credit for making gay marriage acceptable. Read More   ...more

Hey, NYT: Gender politics are not a ‘lifestyle’

As much as it made me nauseous to read Kathleen Parker’s quotes in New York Times‘ recent review of hers and Jessica Valenti’s new(ish) books, it made me even more ill to see that, yet again, gender politics have been relegated to the “Style”-”Fashion & Style” section. ...more

Once a stripper, always a stripper

This kind of BS phrasing happens all the time. Headline: “Ex-Stripper Claims Affair With Alex Rodriguez, Calls Cindy ‘Smart’” She’s not just a woman; she is was a stripper! ...more

More sports and sexism

I’m starting to wonder if sports has become the “it” terrain for blatant sexism and creating a hostile climate for women. In the last year… Sexual Harassment of female fans by male fans at Jets’ games: nothing like a good ol “you don’t belong here until you have something you can give me, like the view of your tits that I’m clearly entitled to due to my possession of a penis.” ...more

WTF of the day: yet another personal privacy violation

From The Daily Mail: A woman claims her life has been ruined by someone who set up a Facebook website page in her name describing her as a vice girl. Kerry Harvey, 23, says she received obscene pictures on her mobile phone and unsolicited calls from would-be ‘punters’. ...more

Entertainment and 'choice'

A recent thought I had on entertainment and choosing: We all like (need?) to be entertained: all genders, sexualities, races, etc. The sad truth is, we have to choose from what is out there. Sometimes people of progressive sensibilities have to "overlook" things in entertainment that are problematic in order to be able to relax and, well, be entertained. ...more

Sometimes Cosmo readers say interesting things

The problem this Cosmo reader encountered is one that I have always been irked by. ...more

Owning our bodies' representation

This post from Ms. Naughty got me thinking. She wrote a post about the Topfree Equal Rights Association, and their argument that it should be legal for women to bare their breasts in public since men can: that not being able to amounts to discrimination since it's the "same" body part. Ms. Naughty quotes this bit from Topfree's website, which struck me: ...more

Iron Man review

I just saw Iron Man today and I wanted to write a mini-review while it was still fresh. Semi-spoilers below. The Tony Stark character is reprehensible. My stomach was on fire after the 1st 15 minutes; I asked my partner "I sure hope his superhero actions redeem him." By that, I meant does he see the jerk of a human being that he was? The answer is yes and no. ...more

I agree with a lot of what you've said here, however, I do think that while "Iron Man" does play ...more