never too late

a recent objective of mine is to try to find a balance between my monkey mind and my sometimes overwhelming mental stupor, although the stupor seems to be more common lately.  it seems all i feel is dispirited. wandering from room to room in a fog, i wonder what to do to use up the hours left in my day, to keep my mind busy with anything other than what i need to work through....more

we are family

my mother died almost three years ago. my father has been in an alzheimer's unit for five. my two brothers live close to my father, my sister is 2000+ miles away and i am 500+ miles away. the four of us have always gotten along well and my sister and i are very close. when our parents began their decline we were united in our ideas about dealing with medical issues and what was best for them. after mom died we gathered to go through old pictures and letters and memorabilia and it was good to be together....more

the world entire

"the day everyone accepts the responsibility of being one with [Source] is the day we make our world more peaceful, loving and spiritual." michael perlin - metaphysicist, writer, filmmaker...more