Healthy Food Means Healthy Kids

Today is a great day for children across this country.This morning, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act into law.As a mother, I know it’s important for children to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  As a Member of Congress, I was proud to vote for this legislation that will put these healthier, more nutritious foods in the schools throughout my congressional district and our country. ...more

teaching children at young age makes them learn and make better decisions later in life. ...more

Recognize Concussions on World Alzheimer’s Day

Today is a day for recognizing the devastating impact Alzheimer’s disease has on families.  As organizations all over raise awareness for World Alzheimer’s Day -  I have to stop and think of the impact the disease has had not only in my work in Congress but in my own life as well. Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia, is a disease that now afflicts more than four million people in our nation.  Families, including my own, are very much aware of the effects and the serious need for more research, education, and resources.  I read today that the population with dementia ...more

Not many realize the magnitude of the crisis we face when young concussed athletes become ...more

Bullies Will Be Bullies, Victims Will Be…

Bullying isn’t a federal crime. Neither is cyberbullying. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to notice this year, that as we recognized National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, there was one group missing: victims of bullying. National Crime Victims’ Rights Week pays tribute to crime victims and survivors in America, while honoring the services and professionals that support victims every day, of every week, or every year. But we fail to recognize victims of actions that aren’t considered a crime. ...more

Why Women Should Run for Office

Last night, I spoke to the Women’s Bar Association about why women should run for office.  It reminded me that most women need to hear this.  So, I wanted to bring my message to the BlogHer community. To the women reading this post, you should run for office.  Despite the increased number of women in Congress over the last few years, we need more.  Of course, women face challenges when we run for office – and still face challenges just doing our jobs in the “boys club.” ...more

so's disheartening to watch the health care debate and see how, in the 21st ...more