On Becoming a Warrior (Long Version)

I swear, I studied for pregnancy and labor the way someone would study for the SAT. I read book after book, website after website; I knew the difference between vernix and lanugo – there was very little I didn’t know about pregnancy and my little jelly bean. ...more

On Becoming a Warrior

My labor did not start the way I had intended.  I went in to see my midwife four days after my due date to test some fluid that had been leaking. I was pretty sure it was pee (laughing, jumping, dancing - all of these things do funny things to your bladder when you’re pregnant), but just to be sure I wanted to have the fluid tested. When the nurse told me I was leaking amniotic fluid I wasn’t very surprised, what shocked me was that she wanted me to go the hospital to be augmented. Immediately. ...more