Gimme the Ball

Good morning! I used to play a lot of sports. As a soccer center midfielder and basketball point guard, I was the one who set up my teammates to score. I certainly found the goal and net on my own, but it was most important for me to set up the play, see the passing lanes and distribute. The forwards would finish.Something that stands out in my mind, so much so that I've been meditating on it lately, is the vocal power with which me and my fellow athletes would call for the ball. Allow me to illustrate with words:...more

On Guns, Brains and My Conservative Facebook Friend

Note: For some reason this is posting as one long paragraph, despite paragraph breaks formatted into the piece. Apologies and please go to to read with proper formatting. Thanks! x I have a Facebook friend, someone from my hometown on Long Island, whose right wing views and impassioned posts have lead me, at times, to strongly consider "un-friending" him. I haven't, since I want to continue engaging in dialogue with people whose views are diametrically opposed to mine....more

Start a Fitness Routine TODAY!

Good morning! I just got back from an awesome run along the Hudson River. It's about 80 degrees and very humid, so the 70 minutes I spent outside were divided up between running, power walking, sprinting and doing other intervals. I am really upping my fitness routine now that I am pain free in my ankle and the rest of my body. NO limits.I want to get one person (at least, but I will be happy with 1) to START (or, restart) a fitness routine....more