Healthy(ish) Last Minute Gift Guide

Do you still have people on your list to buy for who would benefit from a healthy nudge?There's still time to engage in some online shopping AND have it shipped to your door, in many cases FREE of charge.Here are a few picks:1. Athleta is having a sale. ...more

80(ish)--- Buffalo Bean Dip

Do you need a yummy app for that holiday party coming up?And maybe have it not blow your entire calorie budget for the day?How about a simple bean dip..... with a kick? ...more

80--- Holiday Water

Water does not have to be boring. ...more

20--- Lazy Girl's Chocolate Truffles {Easy}

When I hear the word "truffle" the first word that comes to my mind is "trouble". With a two year old running around, all of my holiday preparations are on fast forward. ...more

Unique Christmas Cookie Roundup

There was a study recently published analyzing the amount of calories that were eaten by women when they were offered either (a) lower calorie cookies with a "healthier" brand or (b) higher calorie cookies with a "less healthy" brand name. ...more

80--- New Mexican Turkey Hominy Stew

Do you still have some turkey leftovers to use up from the big holiday? ...more

80---Butternut Squash Soup with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese

This brothy soup will help to fill you up without weighing you down....more

80--- Vegetable-Loaded One Dish Stuffing

I received a phone call from a news reporter this week asking if I had tips for people for a healthier Thanksgiving.I told her that I usually tell my patients to simply enjoy the holiday, because no one day of indulgence will throw off a healthy lifestyle. ...more

Things That I Know..... Pre Thanksgiving Edition

 Rustic Pumpkin Tiramisu circa 2011 I am still working in a couple of new Thanksgiving recipes to share with you next week.In the mean time, here are a few things that I know.....1....more

80(ish)--- Chipotle Mushroom Breakfast Burritos

It's no secret that a large portion of the population is deficient in vitamin D. ...more