Starting Solids = Sink Baths

Clayton at 5 months. This post is a little late because I forgot to schedule my post but I can't forget about his first bites of solids! He grabs everything in sight and loves holding spoons ....more

Welcome to Weaving: Learn How to Weave Online Class

I am so excited to finally announce the launch of my complete video course, Welcome to Weaving: Tips and Tricks to Weaving on a Frame Loom from Start to Finish! GET THE ENTIRE VIDEO COURSE HEREWhen I began weaving there was no one to teach me. I cringe thinking of the first wall hangings that I created, which either fell apart or were so messy that they wouldn't hang straight! ...more

Weaving How To: Warping Low vs. High Density

I think that it is essential for a loom to be versatile enough that you can execute any design you imagine. That is why my husband and I designed and built my looms so that you can adjust the length and tension of the warp, as well as making it wide enough to accomodate small projects along with big ideas. But, another nifty trick is changing the density of your warp strings....more

How To: Low Immersion Hand Dying

I love weaving with yarn that has a handmade touch. Whether it's spun or dyed, it makes my weaves stand out! reached out to ask if I would be interested in trying out their reactive dye kit and I was quick to jump on it ....more

Clayton 5 Months

This boy is 5 months today. Each day it gets funner to be his mom as I watch him learn and grow. (And grow, and grow!) He started solids this week and now he thinks any type of food that we're eating should be fair game for his little grabby hands ....more

Woven Necklace Kit in Joanns

So much fun! A couple months ago I designed a woven necklace kit for the line Crafternoon by Hazel and Ruby and this week it is in Joann's stores everywhere! I love the concept of Crafternoon because their kits come with everything you need to make a project in an afternoon ....more

Weaving How-To: Outlines

Weaving shapes sans color is a great way to keep a design bold and modern. To me, I like to imagine that the tapestry is a blank piece of paper with black sketches drawn right ontop. Although I chose to use a thicker roving for my outlines, a thin material would also look great ....more

How to fill out your tassels.

Sometimes I like to add a little something besides fringe to the bottom of my tapestries. Especially if the piece doesn't have any fringe already, like my Arizona sunset weave above. I learned very quickly that the big, beautiful tassels you see don't happen automatically unless you use a loose spun fiber such as roving....more

Woven Necklaces

Hoarding beads runs through my veins. I've always loved making jewelry! Even in the midst of filling weaving orders and warping looms, my fingers itch to sift through my bead collection and make some wearable art....more

Weaving How To: Looped Rya

I have been weaving almost every day for over a year now. It brings me peace and makes me happy, but it also teaches me about patience and reminds me of many of my other favorite art mediums. Some days I think about ceramics and how similar it is to sculpting texture with clay, sometimes it reminds me of graphic design because even the most organic design requires geometric skills! ...more