First Day of Kindergarten.

Well, after last nights post I was sure that I'd be a hot mess this morning. I even debated whether or not to put on makeup today, because, let's be honest here. (a) I rarely wear makeup to begin with, and (b) mascara and the first day of Kindergarten don't really seem like a great duo ....more

Thoughts on Kindergarten.

Several years ago, I swore I had my life figured out.I already had my man, my cute little dog, and a quaint home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a nice little landscaped yard. I planned on having 3-4 kids, and I was most sure of two things: we would never live in a certain city and we would never send our kids to public school. Fast forward six years ....more

Farmers Market Fun and Other Noteworthy Happenings.

Well, here we are again. Tuesday night and I'm blogging about the weekend.Here's the deal. I could blog on Sunday nights ....more

Kindergarten Send-Offs

This has been a week of bittersweet for this momma. I feel like this summer has been both the longest and shortest of our lives. And as we continue to wind down the summer days, I have been both excited for my biggest boy and completely heart broken that this time of preschoolhood (not sure if that is a word, but I'm going with it) is coming to what seems to be an abrupt end ....more

Weekend in the Water.

It's Wednesday and I'm blogging about the weekend. I could list out all of my excuses; some of them are legitimate and some are just, well... they just aren't ....more

Nice Hair, Bro.

The other night Ty was playing on the trampoline and his hair went a little wild.Kind of like him. ;)He has the funniest, most energetic personality. Definitely proved me wrong when I thought that perhaps I'd get a laid back third born kid ....more

This Week.

We have had a FULL week with friends, which is always fun. I know it's probably because I'm biased, but I think watching little boys play super heroes is the cutest thing ever. These guys were all saving the world from villains and inevitable catastrophe when I interrupted for a picture.lots of chalk drawing these days ....more

The Littlest Brother (14 Months).

14 months (actually 14 months and two days, but who's counting, right?). 14 months of being the youngest little brother. He embraces his role well, smashing down creations, ruining (read: eating) prized artwork that is left within reach, and throwing things at unsuspecting big brothers ....more

Summertime Smalltalk.

Not sure how I week got past me on the blog (AGAIN), but it did. We've been completely crazy busy this week. We've eaten in the car more than I'd like to admit, had a playdate every day (and some days even twice in one day!) and we've been enjoying the Polar Vortex that has graced the South with unseasonably cooler temperatures ....more

VBS Week (aka Very Busy Schedule Week)

Well, we've survived VBS this week. Which really means that I survived the parking lot twice a day with 3 kids in tow all by myself. It is no simple feat trying to maneuver through a parking lot of vans and large SUVs that are backing up into parking spaces while hundreds of kids are running to and fro ....more