New Year, New Blog, New Me

I started this blog in the fall of 2006, when I moved from the Chicago suburbs to Southern California to start grad school, and it's crazy to me that I still have it going (more or less) 8 1/2 years later. It's been sadly neglected the last year or so, but no more!...more

Best Mascara Ever, Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes!

A few months ago, I tried this mascara called 3D Fiber Lashes and I'm completely obsessed with it now. (Full disclosure: those aren't my eyes, but the effect was the same, and I do not have crazy-long lashes at all.) If I walk out the door without eye make-up, people start asking me if I'm tired or if anything's wrong. And it's not because I usually cake it on...I just have really light eyelashes (and brows) and a little something on them makes a huge difference ....more

10 Faces My Adorable Five-Month-Old Niece Makes

1-5. From bemused and skeptical to surprised and mischievous, she's loving her new personalized hat from Grammy....more

5 Things I Loved About the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City

1. DIY Ideas The Cricut Explore booth featured all kinds of crafts made using their cutting machine....more

Lights Out: Living in a Sightless World (The Story of Blind Football Player Travis Freeman)

I recently had the opportunity to meet Travis Freeman, author of...more

50 Easy Halloween DIY Decorations, Treats, and Costumes!

1. Alice in Wonderland:...more

DIY Ideas for Plastic Toy Animals

DIY ideas for plastic toy animals have exploded on Pinterest, and I just had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I picked up some wild animal toys at Hobby Lobby (full disclosure, I'm on their social media team, so a lot of the crafting stuff I get is from there), and the animals were similar to this but in a larger size....more

Ten Tips for a Fabulous Backyard Movie Night!

One of my all-time favorite summer activities is watching movies outside. So, along with going to free outdoor screenings locally, I've hosted a backyard movie night the past two summers (this year with my roommates as co-hosts and both years with a ton of help from my amazing parents). ...more

A Video for Baby Maerwyn!

Maerwyn from Lindsey Marcus on Vimeo ....more

Nani Japanese-Choctaw Kitchen: An OKC Private Dining Club

My friend Lisa recently invited a group of us girls to join her for dinner at an invitation-only private dining club called Nani (which means...more