Top 10 Reasons Why I Would Choose to Be a Lipstick Lesbian (although it’s not a choice)!

Have you seen the recent Durex advert?  It talks about how wonderful sex is and about meaningful relationships.  It made me think about how lucky I am that I don’t need to worry about condoms in order to have sex.  The advert also inspired me to reflect on all the positives to being a lesbian. I have always been delighted that I am a lesbian, but I have never articulated exactly why it is so great.  To be honest it is hard to put into words how wonderful it is.  Nonetheless I have tried to narrow it down to a top 10 list: ...more
don't think you know what a lipstick lesbian is - all the things you list are benefits of just ...more

Top 10 Questions Answered for Parents of Lesbians, Gay Men & Bisexuals

I am a lesbian and have always been a lesbian.  At the same time I have had girlfriends who have come out later in life as lesbians and who have come out as bisexuals.  (I wish to add that I have not had that many)!Having been a lesbian for 15 years + (not wanting to show my age too much) I wanted to answer some questions that have been asked of me and my partners over the years.  I also want to add that these are questions that those in the LGBT community often worry about themselves. ...more
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