Now I'm more than just the worst mom ever

A good friend today called me the "worst mom ever." Is it because I beat my children? Neglect to have them brush their teeth? Let them wear mismatched clothes in public?No. My crime is that I hate Chuck E. Cheese and refuse to take my youngest daughter there. I hate the arcade noise, the pizza that tastes to me like the crust is cardboard, the unruly hordes of children. And most of all, that oversized rat, Chuck E. Have you ever noticed how many brawls take place at Chuck E. Cheese?My friend doesn't care what my reasons are: "Worst. Mom....more

'Nobody said life would be easy'

Apathy (noun): 1: lack of feeling or emotion: impassiveness. 2: lack of interest or concern: indifference.I don't understand apathy. I don't get not feeling emotions -- though I could see how someone might confuse states I have been in in the past as being in a state of apathy. I don't think I was though.At points in my past, sometimes extended periods at a time, I lived in a state of self-induced numbness. Sometimes, what you feel can be so overwhelming that you aren't prepared, don't know how to deal with it....more