Five Sure Fire Ways to Get the Passion Back

The most dangerous myth about marriage is the commonly held belief that it’s natural for the “spark” to fade over time.  Most people believe that littlesomething, something, that was so juicy and delicious in the beginning will fade.  It’s natural....more

When It Comes to Dating Liars, The Writing Is Usually on the Wall

I recently heard from a client I hadn’t talked to in several months.  She was almost in tears when she said, “Lisa, I just want to know one thing.  I want to know how to spot a lie.”...more
There definitely are warnings and red flags, but too many ignore them until there's full blown ...more

When Should I Start Dating Again?

Dear Lisa,...more

The Honor was All Ours Maya Angelou

There will always be women who break ground in ways we can’t even define.  Those brave women who bare their souls and shoulder the weight of the vulnerability so we can all be more vulnerable and brave. ...more

How Well Do You Understand Yourself?

 In the last few days I’ve had some really cool stuff happen in my life.  I’ve finished a project I’ve been working on for weeks.  I’ve gotten some very good news about big money coming my way.  I’ve made plans for some epic summer adventures. We’ve had weather that heaven would envy, and I’ve had a lot of time to enjoy it outside.  It’s been boatloads of awesome stuff coming my way, and…...more

How to Avoid a Relationship Meltdown via Text

The golden rules of texting:Anyone that’s important to you deserves the actual face time.  Anything that matters to you requires the time and attention it takes to be clear.Anything that you can’t say in person should never be said via text.Electronic intimacy won’t keep you warm at night. ...more

How to Win the Online Dating Game

I met my husband on  I joke around all the time saying I ordered him online.  So, I’m a fan of online dating.  A lot of people want to know how I did it.How did I win the online dating game?The answer is simple.I didn’t quit....more

Enlightened Boundary Setting

As I’m sitting here thinking about how to write a post about boundary setting, I am pausing a little because I know about three quarters of my current and past clients will think I’m writing about them.  Why?  Because boundary setting is a skill very few people have mastered.  A lot of people struggle with it.  The problems is, you teach people how to treat you and when you are boundary-less or have weak boundaries, you will end up training people to treat you poorly.  You get what you’re willing to settle for....more

The Cost of the Blame Game

Personal power is finite, it’s precious, and it is the single most important ingredient to your happiness.  It is a currency and you only get so much to spend....more

The Greatest Social Experiment of Our Time

Here’s a fact.  There is a multi-billion dollar industry that operates solely on making you believe one thing.  That one thing is so pervasive, that although we know it’s a lie, most of us buy into it both literally and figuratively.That lie is this-You are so ugly you shouldn’t be seen without a vale....more