Common Reasons Why Startups Fail

It is almost certain that every qualified person dreams to start a new business / startup. It is also a known fact that not everyone ends up having a successful business venture.In this article, let us focus on why some people go wrong or why startups fail to achieve their dreams. This is tough, because there are tons of reasons why a business fails. Some business fails due to wrong personal decisions while others fail because of market change. Some businesses fail due to lack of intelligent innovations while other fail due to lack of hard work and efforts....more

Top 5 Foods recommended for Positive Singles

With any STD, supporting a strong and healthy immune system is the key to enjoying a better quality of life. Food is one of the primary ways that you can support the important immune health of your body. But, did you know that many of the same foods known to boost your health are also aphrodisiacs? ...more

Going Abroad for Education? Here are a Few Tips!

College education abroad has become highly trendy these days. It not only gives exposure, but also adds value to your education. There are many advantages in studying abroad especially in the UK and USA. Though abroad education has its own advantages, you will be apprehensive about going to a different country. Here are a few tips for you to capture when it comes to considering an education abroad:Do your research:...more

How An Office Building Affects Workers’ Health and Productivity – Time to Restructure Yours?

The close relationship between employees and their office buildings is often ignored by business owners. They miss a trick by not paying attention to the enormous opportunity provided by this relationship....more

A Guide to HIV Dating

Living with HIV is tough, as many positive people around the world will tell you. However, things become more bearable when dealing with them as a couple. But what can the singles do? How do they get around meeting someone new when living with the HIV stigma on their head? How to tell a new partner that you are HIV positive? Should you date someone in the same situation? Here are a few things you should know about dating with HIV:Online dating...more

How to Establish a Commercial Business in Photography?

As a photographer, you have a lot of potential opportunities and money to be made if you are willing to use your skills smartly. A commercial business in photography can be an extremely interesting one to run. You can become an entrepreneur with a low budget start-up.Why a commercial business in photography? ...more

5 Simple but Effective Ways to Deal with your Moody Girlfriend

A moody girlfriend could be one of the toughest things to handle in life. Her irritable grumbles, complaints and anger can drive you crazy. You just cannot leave her alone to fix her problems herself. To prevent her from getting furious and to avoid having a bad day, you must know how to deal with your moody girlfriend.Here are five easy but very effective ways to manage her crankiness.A Gentle Hug...more

Seven Business Gadgets and Software that can Enhance your Classroom Work Too

Gone are the days when a teacher could make her lessons more appealing or engaging with her sheer brilliance and teaching skills. The innovative world of today calls for the use of technology everywhere, no matter whether you are in a class to keep your students absorbed or in a business meeting, motivating your employees....more

Can You Really Get a Sexually Transmitted Disease from a Toilet Seat?

Here's the situation: you desperately need to use the toilet, but there's no other option than the bathroom at the public park or service stations. Public toilets scare you, and you probably try hard not to think about the various disease-causing germs that might be spread all over the seat and bowl. But is it really possible to catch STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from a toilet seat? ...more
My mother still believes it's possible ... ** sighs **. I remember the clueless idiots I hung ...more

7 Varieties of Herbal Teas and their Amazing Benefits

What better than a soothing cup of herbal tea on a cold midwinter day? Besides being tasty and refreshing, it is also caffeine-free and very healthy. It can soothe a troubled tummy as well as troubled mind and it features amazing healing powers. Herbal tea is also a great source of minerals and vitamins....more