More free time

On days like this, particularly the Monday after holidays, I wish for less work and more help.  Basically, there are three of us who publish a 18-22 page paper each week.  I'm the lone reporter, editor, columnist and feature writer on staff.  There's a gal who does ads and classifieds, and there is a typesetter/ layout person.  Yes, we are short-staffed.  Right now, I'm craving more rest, so off to bed I go.     ...more

This is more or less how it was

December's Nablopomo theme is more/less, which lends itself to more or less anything. We attended a second family Thanksgiving dinner today, and I ate more food than was necessary.  I wish I'd eaten less. We had more or less the same people there, but next Thanksgiving there will be another little one (my nephew's wife is expecting in the next couple of weeks.) ...more

A chapter closes, another begins

How do I feel about endings? Mostly, I don't like them.  I hate to see seasons end, or friendships, or marriages, or good books, or good movies, or even a good meal.  Sometimes, endings are welcome.  Endings to long work days, for example, or endings to loooong dry spells, or relationships that make you crazy.  ...more

Are the early deals taking away from Black Friday?

 I think they are.  People who shopped four or five hours last night are most likely not going to get up early and go at it again.  My plan is to do some Black Friday shopping in the afternoon  once the crowds have thinned.  Sure, some of the deals are gone, but so is a lot of the hassle.  Instead of having two black shopping days in a row, maybe we may as well have the one on Friday and forget it.  Most folks have a limited amount of time and money to spend shopping, and once they've gone once, they aren't likely to try it again...more

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving.." .

....and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I haven't even eaten the sleep-enducing turkey yet, but  my daughters and I took a long brisk walk, and the warmth inside the house has made me feel so drowsy.  So...I'm off to bed.  In the morning I have  more food prepping to do, and I want to watch some of the Macy's day parade while I work.   Happy Thanksgiving!  ...more

Will we have a white Thanksgiving?

 It's snowing here tonight, and everyone is excited about the prospect of a white Thanksgiving.  We don't often have white Christmases, let alone white turkey days.  Last year it was so beautifully warm that we had our feast outdoors.  I don't think that will happen this year!  My family has had to pull through a few crises since last year, but we have much to be thankful for.  ...more

Flavorful, sweet local tastes of fall

We've still got a few winter pears from the tree out back, and, because I've been super busy this year, I just bought a quart of black walnut meats.  They have a pungent, earthy taste and smell unlike anything else in this world. I was given a quart of wild honey harvested from Drip Rock a weekend or two ago.  I swear it's the best honey I've ever eaten...tastes like golden rod, apple blossoms and clover...smells like the lazy-sounding drone of busy bees... runs golden like humid summer mornings. ...more

Clay and a Christmas carriage ride

Clay really, really enjoyed the horse-drawn carriage ride today at our Light up the River town event.  ...more

Reflecting on that dark day

I was six weeks old and just beginning my childhood which I would live at the end of a narrow gravel road that wouldn't be paved for at least ten more years. My parents speak of that day with the same shock and horror that nearly everyone else does who experienced the day Kennedy was shot.  Hardly anyone had a television where they were from, but folks hovered near their static-y radios waiting for news, trying to make sense of it all. ...more

Homegrown feasting satisfies the soul

I'm thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and which dishes I'll prepare to contribute to our meal.     My mom still does the turkey and gravy and a few sides, and I usually do the stuffing and a veggie side or two.  Last year I made the Pioneer Woman's turnip gratin, which was good.  I have soooo many turnips and radishes still left in the garden, as well as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  I'm thinking I'll make a broccoli salad with dried cranberries, bacon, onion and a creamy mayo-based dressing.  ...more