Crosspost: Women's Receipt Books

In today's entry from The Great Plains Diaries of Harriet E. Whitcher, Hattie mentions working on her receipt-books:...more

Release. Trust. Show Up.

Affirmations don't work very well for me. I have tried them in the past, the "I am a loveable person" or "I am perfect as I am" types of phrases meant to boost our self-confidence and lessen anxiety, if we just say them to ourselves often enough....more
Radcliffelion That's the most important one for me, too! It is so easy not to be present for ...more

Embrace Your Inner Procrastinator

Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?I've waited until after supper to write my daily post and am using a NaBloPoMo question prompt from two days ago because I don't have a topic prepared....more

Crosspost: Feel the Pressure

I recently finished reading The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan W. Watts, and it's one of those rare little gems of a book that I am going to re-read right away, before moving on to more of his works....more

What to do about Hattie?

I could really use some ideas and feedback on how to deal with my great aunt Hattie....more

Crosspost: Imagination Apps as a Tool for Change

Feeling Stuck? Turn AroundWhen I am trying to change my perspective or behavior in a specific way, having a visual representation that I can upload to my mind is a big help. Think of it as a kind of imagination app—an image or scene that supports and guides us through new, uncomfortable territory....more