In 1 Week, Hundreds of Women Stood Up to Change the News. You Can, Too.

I wasn't sure what to expect, one week ago, when PRI and SheKnows, BlogHer's parent company, together launched the #womenslives news incubator. How strongly would women leading blogs and social conversations from Pinterest to Facebook react to the fact that only about 24% of all news subjects talk about women in any way, and only six percent of news stories highlight gender (in)equality? The answer is: VERY, VERY STRONGLY....more
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You're Invited: SheKnows Media and PRI Announce News Incubator #womenslives

Hi everyone: I'm excited to announce—and to invite you to join—the #womenslives initiative, a media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media, BlogHer's parent company....more
Just getting here, the FLU kicked my butt and the 104 degree fevers have not been conducive to ...more

SheKnows & BlogHer Merge To Form the Most Influential Women's Lifestyle Network Online and Host #BlogHer15

Hi everyone, On behalf of BlogHer’s co-founders, I'm excited to announce that we are merging with SheKnows Media to form the single-most influential women's lifestyle network online. Together, as SheKnows Media, our companies reach an unduplicated audience of 75.3 million unique visitors each month across blogs and websites, plus a reach of 147.4 million fans and followers across social media. Our ability to empower this amazing community just took a giant leap forward! ...more
Oh how exciting! Such an amazing move for both BlogHer and SheKnows!more

Announcing the InfluenceHer 360 Platform and the BlogHer Guarantee

I am excited to announce the official launch of BlogHer's proprietary InfluenceHer 360 platform, a key step forward in accountability for digital publishing. ...more
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Should #DWT (Driving While Texting) Be A Misdemeanor, Even For Your Teens? A BlogHer Poll

We parents know…there's scared. There's also scared @#$%!less. And then there's knees-on-the-floor-praying-so-hard-you're-sweaty-scared. That sweaty-scared position is how I feel about the risks of distracted driving for my kids—and I'm now scared straight myself after spending two hours at a Ford Driving Skills for Life clinic. ...more
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Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy Campaign: Watching a Master at Work

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt of an op-ed by BlogHer CEO and Co-Founder Lisa Stone that ran in the Los Angeles Times. Dear Internet, media, humans and haters: Face it, Sheryl Sandberg is the boss of you. She just proved it. Again. ...more
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LIVE on CBS This Morning: #BlogHerPayHer

It's not every day we get to announce the State of the BlogHer Economy on national television. This morning it was my absolute pleasure to join CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell and Anthony Mason. Here's what happened: ...more
Congrats! This is awesome! I've never blogged. I'm just starting to figure out what blog means. ...more

Art Therapy: Helping Kids With Cancer Let It Go -- and Create!

Annika Johnson, age 7, gently brushes back the long, blond hair of Chloe, one of her two best friends, and pulls red-headed Ava close for a photo. These second-graders have been mostly separated since Dec. 1, 2013, when Annika left school to begin seven months of treatment for Wilms tumor, including surgery and chemotherapy. They were among more than 120 185 people -- children with cancer, family members and volunteer artists -- who congregated in Google's cafeteria Sunday for an art workshop hosted by
It is wonderful to see these artistic therapy opportunities brought to children living with ...more

The Female Advantage: Join Me at WIE's September 20-21 Event in NYC (Special Offer for BlogHers!)

Hi everyone, When the talented Dee Poku (@deepoku) called and invited me to moderate a panel at this year's WIE conference, I basically said, "Yes, what's the question?" On Sept. 20-21, Women: Inspiration & Enterprise ( will host an incredible event, which she describes as "The Female Advantage, which is all about playing to your strengths and staying authentic." ...more

An All-New!

After beta-testing a new Food section for the past month with the help of this community, we are launching an all-new BlogHer! Now we can showcase an even larger number of posts each day, by sharing all new posts created by the 3,000 BlogHer Publishing network bloggers. And, as always, all of the community is invited—and encouraged!—to share your words and your work on Join us! ...more
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