10 Ways He's Cheating On You Without Having An Affair

I'm over at divorcedmoms.com today with a fresh new post. If you know me at all then you know I write juicy posts over there. I don't know what it is, but when I write for DM, I tend to let it hang out. If you've ever felt uneasy in your marriage or relationship but couldn't put your finger on what was wrong---then this is a must read... When we think of cheating in a marriage, we automatically think of extra-marital affairs.Forbidden sex....more

10 Years Divorced And Some Things Never Change

It's been 10 years since I left my husband. Ten years...and what has changed? Everything and nothing. I've changed but I'm still the same. He's just...well, he's still the same. They say a leopard can't change his spots and my ex-husband is living proof.After years of litigation, a thousand miles between us, new spouses and grown children my ex still hates me. I don't really care about hate. Didn't we learn in Kindergarten that not everyone will like us? We won't get invited to every birthday party and little Lizzie in the third row will still make faces at you regardless of how often you share your snack with her? Exactly....more
adelewishnot Wow, thank you for sharing your story. It brings tears to my eyes hearing that the ...more

3 Tips For Going No Contact With A Narcissist

How many of you are dealing with or in a relationship with a Narcissist? This could be your ex spouse or a family member, or even a friend. I've written several posts on my site about Narcissism....more

My Sister Is A Living Ghost

This past weekend was one of the first hot ones. It was the first beach weekend of many to come for the season. My Beau and I did what we normally do on a hot weekend, packed up the car with our beach chairs, sunscreen, towels and other supplies. After a long walk on the shore, we settled into our little chairs and relaxed to the sound of gentle waves. That's when I saw the living ghost....more

True or False? Divorce Quiz For You

A fun quiz to test your knowledge of divorce. Separating myth from fact...There are many false beliefs and stereotypes surrounding divorce. Let’s separate fact from fiction or at least get a handle on some interesting divorce stats. Take the divorce savvy quiz and find out how much you really know....more

My Sexless Marriage Was a Hot Topic on Huffington Post

I had no idea my sexless marriage would be such a hot topic nor did I realize I would be crucified for it. In 2011, I published a personal article on my little blog titled "Sexual Neglect." The reason I wrote it was not to call out my ex but to bring to light a topic that rarely gets discussed. ...more
When trolls start surfacing, that means you've arrived!  ;-)  Write from the heart, write with ...more

My Sweetly Shattered Dream

I sat in the middle of the kitchen on a pop up chair. The one I normally took to my daughter’s soccer games.  I hadn’t even moved my things in yet but this empty house was mine....more

Don't Let Your Ex Steam Roll You

We hear about bullies on the playground.  We worry our child will get bullied at school or even worse, we worry our child will be the bully. But bullying is something that goes on throughout our lives. It doesn’t end on the playground.  We can experience it in the workplace, in a relationship, in a friendship and most likely in a divorce.  Yes, there are such things as divorce bullies....more

An Interview With Divorce Lawyer-Q & A

I’m very pleased to introduce to you Brad Micklin of The Micklin Law Group out of New Jersey, N.Y.  Brad generously agreed to answer my interview questions and you, dear readers will benefit from his family law wisdom. Some of his answers are quite surprising;...more

Single Mom's Christmas

It’s right around the corner—the C word.  When I think of it, the Jaws soundtrack plays in my head.  The dread. The fear.  The money spent....more