The Unsung Heroes of the Crash Landing in San Francisco

[Editor's Note: On Monday, more details about the heroic efforts of Asiana flight attendants Lee Yoon-Hye and Jiyeon Kim were been reported by several major news outlets. --Grace]...more
Points well taken and a fascinating subject.more

Why Do Firefighters Take Such Risky Jobs?

Nineteen firefighters died in Arizona yesterday.  It is a stark reminder that firefighters put their lives on the line to protect other people's property and lives.  Why do they choose to take such dangerous work?...more

How Do Physicians and Non-Physicians Want to Die?

A recent RadioLab podcast titled The Bitter End identified an interesting paradox. When you ask people how they’d like to die, most will say that they want to die quickly, painlessly, and peacefully… preferably in their sleep. But, if you ask them whether they would want various types of interventions were they on the cusp of death and already living a low-quality of life, they typically say “yes,” “yes,” and “can I have some more please.”  Blood transfusions, feeding tubes, invasive testing, chemotherapy, dialysis, ventilation, and chest-pumping CPR. Most people say “yes.” But not physicians.  Doctors, it turns out, overwhelmingly say “no.”  The only intervention that doctors overwhelmingly want is pain medication.  In no other case do even 20% of the physicians say “yes" (see the data here). ...more
Add nurses to doctors here. We probably see more patient suffering than they do since we're with ...more

"Hook Up Culture": Fact vs Fiction

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed this week on hookup culture in college, Bob Laird links binge drinking and casual sex to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, confusion, low self-esteem, unhappiness, vomiting, ethical retardation, low grades and emotional inadequacy....more
Ah yes.  I made these mistakes.  My A-levels disappeared because I had a distraction that I said ...more

TV vs. the Movies: Which Does Better By Women?

I live in Los Angeles where saying that you don’t like movies is tantamount to claiming atheism in a church. But I don’t like movies, generally speaking. In contrast, I quite like TV. Does this seem weird?...more

Two-Thirds of College Students Think They're Going to Change the World

Writer Peg Streep is writing a book about the Millennial generation and she routinely sprinkles great data into her posts at Psychology Today.  ...more

Occidental College Faculty Vote "No Confidence" in High Level Administrators

At about 1:00 Monday, a quorum of the Occidental Faculty overwhelmingly voted No Confidence in the campus attorney, Carl Botterud, and the Dean of Students, Barbara Avery. I was among the faculty in attendance....more

Federal Complaints Say Occidental College Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

A group of Occidental College students and faculty are turning to outside forces to impel their college to reform its policy and process for addressing sexual assault. ...more
I'd guess the problem runs deeper in terms of attitude. We've seen things like Steubenville (and ...more

When Classes Collide: Workers and Guests at High End Hotels

This PostSecret confession breaks my heart:...more

Why Have 16% of Americans Have Changed Their Minds about Same-Sex Marriage?

Today at 10:30am did a live chat at The Huffington Post about why politicians, and the rest of America, suddenly seem to be “evolving” on same-sex marriage....more