Just in case you were thinking maybe the sexism in tech was drawing to a close...

Check out this comment made by a visitor to Jessica Livingston's blog, responding to the question, "Why are there so few women founders of tech companies?"   ...more

"Mother" is not code for "knows nothing about computers"

I'm spending the summer in Boulder away from my husband and children in Boston, where I'm working on a web startup with Blogheristas Susan Mernit and Catherine Taylor. Boulder is a great town for tech meetups. Pretty much every week you can go somewhere to see people demo alpha or unreleased software or web services. ...more

I have two stories for you. 1) A friend was working on an ecommerce website for an international ...more

Why BlogHer is the Best Conference Ever

BlogHer is great for lots of reasons -- it's a conference where the speakers are just as amazing as the crowd, which is, in a word, stellar. However, I have very personal reasons for thinking BlogHer is the best conference ever. Today, I am one of the three cofounders of a web startup that has a woman CEO, a woman CTO, and a woman COO. ...more

We're all routing for your Dream Team!




Dopp ...more

Give a Better Presentation!

Want to give a better presentation? I give a lot of them. Here are my best tips. See below for a printable one-page checklist that will put everything you need to get ready for a talk from your drycleaning to your Powerpoint on a single sheet of paper. Lisa’s Presentation Tips How many slides should I have? ...more

I'll be out in your state talking about consumer electronics, features and women - thanks for ...more

Got Trolls? Managing Comments on Your Blog

I'm at a panel discussion on community at Blogher and the issue of having a comment policy has come up. I did a bunch of research on this topic, so here's a summary: After reviewing a ton of blog policies, I discovered three basic types of comment policy: ...more