Attention Mommies, Baby Incubators, and those who know someone having a baby!

So, I've started my own at-home business where I create one-of-a-kind, handmade crochet and knit baby items. Booties, Hats, Afghans, soothy blankies (or lovies or softies or whatever you call them), cotton burpcloths.  Variety of colors available.  Boys or girls.  Check out my blog entry here.  ...more

New to BlogHer

Hi!  I'm new to BlogHer.  I am setting this up to attract followers to my Blogger account.  Check me out at:  I promise not to be a stranger here, but I'm really hoping to get followers on my family page and get the word out about my blog.  I've been defined by a fellow blogger and IRL friend that I'm motivated and funny.  So, check me out and let me know if she's the only one that feels that way.  Thanks for your time.  Lisa Brandos ...more