Why Do Reality Shows Portray Us, Women As Cat Fighting, Spitting Cussing Witches

 I was channel flipping or surfing whatever you choose to call it ,and I saw at least three different  television shows with women hitting eachother, pulling hair, cussing eachother out and basically acting like animals.  I'm sorry that's just what it looked like.I don't get it really I don't.  I know lots of women they are my friends even ( joke intended) and we don't spit on eachother and ripped our friends hair or weaves out.  It is really so sad to me. Shows like :Mob wives- pathetic...more

$200 in Prizes, Kate Spade, Roxy over 500 Brands Sneakpeak SuperPrize Giveaway On MOmpreneur Mogul Live Head Over NOW

  I am so excited to bring this Sneakpeeq Super Prize Giveaway To YOU!...more

Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act Is Abortion The New Gender Choice Tool?

             In America Abortion is a huge problem. No matter how you feel about it , the numbers are increasing. But is it possible that something even  more terrible could  be coming to America?...more
I scanned similar articles I found this phrase in regards to an 8 week old baby " walnut size ...more

Make Money Blogging Don’t Be Duped Into Free Advertising

    There are many mom bloggers who want to know how to earn money blogging.  I’ll cover that a little more in part two of this series, but today I want to give you a warning about advertisers. ...more

A Mom's Confession

Our words have such incredible power. Power to change, power to lift, power to heal.  So Today's post is a Mom's confession.  When we speak these words  out loud they will lift our hearts....more